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Create unlimited custom forms and let visitors submit content, register, and much more from the front-end of your site.

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Welcome to the Store! Currently USP Pro is the featured WordPress plugin at More plugins will be added in the future. The store currently provides a comparison of USP Pro to the free version of the plugin, as well as information about pricing, updates, and other details. If you have any questions or comments, please send them via the contact form. Thanks for visiting!

USP Pro is the premium version of the original User Submitted Posts. Like the free version, USP Pro enables your visitors to submit their own content via the front-end of your site. But the Pro version can do much, much more. For example, the Pro version enables unlimited custom forms, unlimited file uploads, and deep settings for advanced configuration. Here is a comparison of features:

Pro version
Free version
Form Creation Form Display Form Submission Form Styles Form Fields Form Types Form Demos User Registration Submitted Content File Uploads Custom Fields Widgets Shortcodes Template Tags Quicktags Security & Optimization Submission Redirects Success/Error Messages Email Alerts User Statistics Featured Images Image Previews Lightbox Support Auto-Display Images Visual/Rich-Text Editor User Permissions Custom Post Types Custom Taxonomies Custom Post Formats Remember Form Input Show/Hide Content More Features
Create unlimited custom forms with the USP Form Builder. Add input fields for virtually anything using Quicktags and custom-field shortcodes. Display unlimited forms anywhere on your site. Forms may be displayed via shortcodes, template tags, and widgets. Even multiple forms on a page. Submit forms as Posts, Pages, USP Posts or any custom Post Type. Set submitted post status to draft, pending, publish immediately, or publish after “x” number of approved posts. Style your forms using one of the predefined styles, or add some custom styles via the settings page. Likewise for JavaScript: use the default scripts or add your own. Form fields can be anything: text, textarea, select, radio, files, checkboxes, hidden, submit, etc. Use Quicktags to add fields for Name, URL, Email, Categories, Tags, Files, and more. Create any type of form you can imagine! From post-submission and user-registration to contact forms and art-directed content, USP Pro is the ultimate plugin for front-end forms. Ready-to-use Form Demos are included for post-submission, user-registration, contact form, and the classic USP submission form provided in the free version. Just add the shortcode and done! USP Pro makes it easy to create forms for user-registration. Custom fields are provided to collect user-profile information such as First/Last Name, Nickname, Description, Password, and more. Depending on the form input, submitted content is stored as post data (title, author, tag, etc.), user data (username, email, description, etc.), or as custom fields. Customize and display file-upload fields to allow visitors to post images, video, audio, and any other supported file type. Custom fields available for image metadata (alt, title, description). USP Pro makes extensive use of WP custom fields, using them for submitted content, form fields, and more. Template tags and shortcodes then make it easy to use/display any required information. Display any USP Form in any widgetized sidebar/area in your theme. Simply specify the Form ID, choose some options, and done. You can even display multiple form widgets on a page. USP Pro provides an extensive set of shortcodes for displaying forms, submitted content, files and images, and any custom field(s). Complete documention included in the plugin settings. USP Pro provides an extensive set of template tags for displaying forms, submitted content, files, images, and any custom field(s). Complete documention included in the plugin settings. Quicktags are buttons such as “strong” and “code” that WP includes on the Edit Post screen. USP Pro provides its own set of Quicktags for easy form creation. USP Pro is built with PHP and the WordPress API. Using WP functionality whenever possible helps keep things fast and secure. Further security includes Google reCAPTCHA or challenge question to protect against spam. After successful form submission, send user to a success page, the submitted post/page, or any valid URL. Redirect globally or per form. Custom redirect also possible when form submission fails (e.g., required fields, etc.). Customize the messages displayed to visitors when forms are submitted successfully and when returned with any error(s). Also includes an option to show/hide the form on successful submission. Admins, users can receive customized email alerts for submitted posts, post approvals, and user registrations. Optionally send carbon copies to as many email addresses as needed. USP Pro provides an option to collect basic user statistics such as IP, user-agent, and referrer. When enabled, USP Pro attaches this info to submitted posts and/or includes with any messages sent via USP Contact Form. USP Pro includes an option to automatically display the specified uploaded image as the Featured Image for the submitted post/page. Include an image-preview field with any USP Form to improve usability and the coolness factor for your visitors. Works with multiple image uploads! Out-of-the-box support for lightbox images. Just add the template tag or shortcode and submitted images will be displayed using your own lightbox script. Out-of-the-box display of uploaded images in post content. This optional feature is determined by an option that enables auto-display either before or after the post content. Let your visitors use WP’s built-in Visual/Rich-Text Editor. This may be enabled/disabled on any form by setting an attribute on the textarea shortcode. Select which level/role is required for users to access the USP Form builder and USP Post Types (if enabled). Includes support for custom-defined user roles. USP Pro includes built-in support for Custom Post Types. Specify your own or use the provides “USP Post” type for all of your submitted content. USP Pro supports Custom taxonomies (custom categories), so you can add as many as needed for each form. USP Pro supports Custom Post Formats. Easy peasy, just add a shortcode to any form and done. Global settings determine the duration that forms should remember inputs, while locally the “Remember me” checkbox can be enabled or disabled by default. USP Pro includes a set of shortcodes that make it easy to require login to view forms and submit content. Conditional shortcodes also included for maximum show/hide flexibility. In additon to everything listed here, USP Pro includes extensive options for fine-grain control over every aspect of the form-submission process. Check out the screenshots to see more!
Includes one form designed for submitting post content from the front-end. Display the predefined USP Form on any page or number of pages. Allow users to submit content as Posts. Set submitted post status to draft, publish immediately, or publish after “x” number of approved posts. Style the form using a predefined style, or add custom styles via the settings page. Form fields optionally include Name, Title, URL, Category, Tags, Content, and Files. Provides one form for submitting post content. No demos provided (or required). No user-registration (uses assigned author). Submitted content is stored as Post data. Name and URLs attached as custom fields. Enable visitors to upload any number of images only. Custom fields used to attach Name and URL to submitted posts. No widgets included. Display the USP Form via shortcode or template tag. Includes a basic set of shortcodes. Includes a basic set of template tags. No Quicktags provided (or required). Also built with PHP and the WordPress API. Additional security measures such as antispam challenge-question possible via plugin settings. After successful form submission, send user to any custom URL or return to the current page. Basic customization of error messages. Basic email alert for submitted posts. Attaches IP address as custom field to submitted posts. Provides option to use the first submitted image as the Featured Image. No image preview provided. Some light coding required to display submitted images via lightbox. No auto-image display. Use template tags to display attached images. Optionally enable WP’s built-in Visual/Rich-Text Editor. No built-in option for setting user permissions. No support for Custom Post Types. Uses regular WP Posts. No support for Custom Taxonomies. Uses regular WP Categories. No support for Custom Post Formats. Uses regular WP Posts. Basic “Remember me” functionality. Does not include any show/hide shortcodes. User Submitted Posts (free version) includes a few more options, but nowhere near as many as the Pro version!


Thank you for your interest in USP Pro! Here you can learn more about the plugin and select a license that is best for your specific needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please send them directly via the contact form. All inquiries welcome!

USP Pro is a personal favorite project of mine, and the goal is to continue developing and improving the plugin toward utter perfection. Feature requests are encouraged. If you can think of a missing feature, let me know and I’ll do my best to hook it up.

Automatic Updates

Automatic Plugin Updates

As with plugins hosted at the WP Directory, USP Pro is equipped for automatic updates from within the comfort of the WP Admin Area. Purchase gets you FREE upgrades for the life.

Free Basic Support

Free Basic Help and Support

Basic support is included with every purchase of USP Pro. This includes but is not limited to the USP Docs, Tutorials, and the Support Forum, where I’m always there to help.

100% WordPress

Built with the WordPress API

USP Pro is built using the WordPress API. It is closely integrated with every bit of existing WP functionality to help keep the plugin lightweight, flexible, extensible, well-optimized, and secure.



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Payments are made via PayPal or directly via credit card. PayPal accepts payments from most major debit/credit cards if you don’t have a PayPal account, or you can purchase without PayPal.

Refund Policy

Like all software, USP Pro is an intangible, irrevocable, digital product, so refunds generally are not provided. All sales are final, however every effort will be made to resolve any issues with the plugin. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction.


Licenses are valid for the life of the plugin. A valid license key entitles the customer to free automatic upgrades from the WP Dashboard. Licenses apply to site count and are not restricted by domain or host.


WordPress 3.5 or better is required for USP Pro. Always running the latest version of WordPress and USP Pro is recommended.

Basic Support

Basic support for USP Pro is available via USP Docs, Tutorials, and the Support Forum. Log in to your account to get help in the forum.

Premium Support

Premium support for USP Pro is available with the “Ultimate” license and includes direct support from the plugin developer.


USP Pro is developed by Jeff Starr and distributed by Monzilla Media (PayPal Verified). To learn more, visit his Developer Profile at