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Welcome to the documentation for Banhammer Pro. Most of this information also is available in the plugin’s Help tabs and readme.txt file. Note: if you are unable to find the info that you are looking for, you can ask in the Support Forum or contact via email.

As of January 25th, 2021, there are 20 posts published in the Banhammer Docs. Note that the Docs are a work in progress, with updated content and new information added as frequently as possible. Grab the feed to stay current with all the latest!

This post explains the proper way to transfer a plugin license from one site to another. For example, if you have a Personal/1-site license and want to transfer it from a local development site to a live production site. Works for all licenses. Just follow these steps..

This tutorial explains how to manage your plugin license and domain(s).

Here is how to download your receipt after purchasing USP Pro, SES Pro, BBQ Pro, or any other items from Plugin Planet.

Here is how to download your plugin after purchasing USP Pro, SES Pro, BBQ Pro, or any other plugin from Plugin Planet.

Just a note for some sites that may not completely support SSL/HTTPS.

Here are the steps to view your license key here at Plugin Planet: