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Welcome to the documentation for SES Pro. Most of this information also is available in the plugin’s readme.txt file. Note that, if you are unable to locate the information that you are looking for, you can ask in the Support Forum or contact via email.

As of August 14th, 2020, there are 25 posts published in the SES Docs. Note that the Docs are a work in progress, with updated content and new information added as frequently as possible. Grab the feed to stay current with all the latest!

SES Pro comes with a live-preview form customizer that makes it easy to create and fine-tune signup forms exactly as desired. The live preview feature includes a “Style” panel, where you can edit the CSS that is applied to each form. In this post, you will find all of the default CSS selectors for SES […]

“FAQ” post for Frequently Asked (and presales) Questions about SES Pro.

SES Pro provides an array of global settings to help you run your own email campaigns, newsletters, and more. In this Doc, we explore the various settings and tools provided by SES Pro. Further, form-specific settings are available via shortcode attributes, and other features are explained elsewhere in the SES Docs.

While SES Pro includes hundreds of template tags, most of them are designed for internal use. The only template tag that you need to know about is ses_pro(), which is used as follows: <?php ses_pro(); ?> That will display the default form using the default attribute values. To customize the form displayed via template tag, […]

SES Pro is equipped with over 60 action and filter hooks.

The Server Test plugin checks to make sure your site is compatible with USP Pro, SES Pro, and other plugins. Specifically, Server Test checks to see if the WordPress function wp_remote_post() is working properly on your site. If not, it performs some other tests to see if any suitable alternative methods are available. Using the […]