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Welcome to the Support Forum for SES Pro! Here you will find topics and threads for asking questions, getting help, and providing feedback. If you don’t see a suitable topic for your question, go ahead and post it on the “General Support” thread.

As of April 21st, 2021, there are 6 posts published in the SES Forum. You can log in to post a new topic, send an email for direct support, visit the SES FAQs, or grab the feed to stay current!

This forum is for general questions about SES Pro. This includes but is not limited to installation, configuration, and basic implementation. For advanced questions, check out the Advanced Topics.

This forum is for advanced questions about SES Pro. This includes but is not limited to development, implementation, customization, extensions, and so forth. For general questions, check out the General Topics.

This Forum Post is all about feature requests and feedback. If you have ideas for new features, or constructive feedback regarding the site, the plugin, or any of its features, you may post them publicly using the form below, or contact me directly to share privately. Thank you!

SES Pro makes it easy to display signup forms anywhere via shortcode or template tag. Signup forms may be customized in real-time using the live-preview feature on the “Form Styles” screen. There you can edit and fine-tune the shortcode, form content, CSS, and JavaScript as desired. This forum is for questions and feedback regarding any aspect of the form-customization process.

SES Pro provides a full-featured subscriber management screen, where you can sort, search, add, edit, delete, import and export subscriber data. This forum is for feedback and questions regarding any aspect of the subscriber-management process.

SES Pro makes it drop-dead easy to send email to your subscribers. Just visit the “Send Email” screen, select your email, choose your subscribers, and click send. Everything else happens automagically behind the scenes. This forum is for questions and feedback regarding the Send Mail screen or any aspect of sending email with SES Pro.