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Welcome to the Support Forum for USP Pro! Here you will find topics and threads for asking questions, getting help, and providing feedback. If you don’t see a suitable topic for your question, go ahead and post it on the “General Support” thread.

As of May 7th, 2021, there are 6 posts published in the USP Forum. You can log in to post a new topic, send an email for direct support, visit the USP FAQs, or grab the feed to stay current!

This forum is for general questions about USP Pro. This includes but is not limited to installation, configuration, and basic implementation. For advanced questions, check out the Advanced Topics.

This forum is for advanced questions about USP Pro. This includes but is not limited to development, implementation, customization, extensions, and so forth. For general questions, check out the General Topics.

This Forum Post is all about feature requests and feedback. If you have ideas for new features, or constructive feedback regarding the site, the plugin, or any of its features, you may post them publicly using the form below, or contact me directly to share privately. Thank you!

USP Pro makes it easy to create unlimited custom forms for the front-end of your site. Use the USP Form Builder and USP Quicktags to assemble the perfect form in minutes. Once published, USP Forms may be displayed anywhere in your theme using the USP Widget, shortcodes, or template tags. USP Forms may include text, markup, shortcodes, images, and anything that a normal WP Post can handle. USP Forms may include any type of input field (e.g., input, textarea, radio, select, password, email). Further, each form field may be customized via Quicktag or custom field, giving you full control over labels, placeholders, required attributes, and much more.

USP Pro makes it easy to display submitted content anywhere in your theme. Once a submitted Post, Page, or Custom Post Type is submitted and approved, it may be displayed using the shortcodes and template tags provided by USP Pro, as well as those provided by WordPress. Likewise, uploaded images, video, audio, and other supported file types may be displayed with granular control over the number, type, size, and other attributes of each file. Uploaded images may be used as featured images, displayed in post content, and/or displayed in post content automatically.

USP Pro enables users and visitors to submit any number supported file types. Submitted files are uploaded into the WordPress /uploads/ directory and inserted into the WP Media Library. Submitted files are also attached as custom fields to the submitted Post. This dual-assignment functionality provides great flexibility in terms of how, when and where submitted files are used/displayed throughout your site.