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Ajax-powered signup forms for DIY email campaigns, newsletters, and more.

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Manage your own email campaigns and newsletters with 100% shortcode-based, Ajax-powered signup forms.

Add a full-featured double opt-in newsletter to any page in seconds. Send unlimited emails with NO monthly fees and NO restrictions.

SES Pro - Predefined Form Styles

Unlimited Forms SES Pro is designed for smaller scale, DIY admins who want full control over email subscribers without relying on a 3rd-party service. Perfect for building your own lists of subscribers, create awesome emails with the visual editor, and send them for free. SES Pro ships with 10 predefined form styles that are fully customizable via live CSS editor, so you can fine-tune or roll your own. Each form style may be used with any number of forms, displayed anywhere via shortcode, like so: [ses_pro]

SES Pro - Ajax-Powered Signup Forms

Ajax Powered All SES Pro forms are 100% Ajax-powered, so visitors can signup easily while staying on the page. Plus, you can add a slide-in effect or lightbox-style popup effect to any form easily. Of course, if Ajax isn’t your thing, it can be disabled with a click.

SES Pro - Global Plugin Settings

Streamlined Settings SES Pro brings a streamlined, simplifed settings interface that gives you full control over all of the plugin’s global options. Easily configure all settings within minutes and then you’re good to go for adding forms, composing newsletters, and sending email to your selected subscribers.

SES Pro - Form Styles Live Preview

Live Previews Customize any form style in the comfort of the WP Admin Area. SES Pro gives you a live preview of each form style, so you can customize and fine-tune every detail of your signup forms. Visit SES Pro’s “Form Styles” screen to customize each form’s shortcode, JavaScript, and CSS — all in real-time.

SES Pro - Manage Subscribers Control Panel

Manage Subscribers Manage your subscriber data in style with SES Pro’s streamlined Subscribers control panel. Display any number of subscribers per page, sort and search results by specific fields, edit and delete selected items, and more. SES Pro makes subscriber management a breeze, just a few clicks and done.

SES Pro - Compose Email via Visual Rich-Text Editor

Visual Email Editor Compose your email in style with SES Pro’s visual/rich-text editor. While creating your messages, you can easily format text, add markup, insert media, and preview email content before sending. There you also may specify the email format (plain-text or SMTP), email protocol (Mail or SMTP), custom CC/BCC recipients, attachments, and much more.

SES Pro - Simple Interface for Sending Email

Send Like a Pro Sending email with SES Pro is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just visit “Send Email”, choose your email and subscribers, and click the send button. SES Pro automatically sends out email and keeps track of which emails have been sent. That way, if something interrupts sending, you can simply repeat the process and SES Pro will automatically continue sending where it left off.

SES Pro - Built with the WordPress API

Built with WordPress SES Pro is built with the WP API, using native WordPress functionality whenever possible. This development strategy equips the plugin with optimum usability, flexibility, performance, and security. SES Pro is built with WordPress for WordPress.

SES Pro - Independence, Freedom, Full Control

Awesome Features SES Pro gives you freedom from fees and full control over your email campaigns. Additional plugin features include: Easy setup, no coding required No restrictions on anything Display unlimited signup forms Slide-in and pop-up forms Single or double opt-in Import and export subscribers Supports 3 custom form fields Email Blacklist feature Google reCAPTCHA!

Run your own newsletter with no limits and no monthly fees.


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