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Welcome to the Tutorials! Here you will find tutorials, tricks and tips for USP Pro, SES Pro, and more. Drop a line to suggest a tutorial!

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Blackhole Pro includes makes it easy to choose the Warning Message that’s displayed to bad bots. And you can go even further and create a custom message that’s dialed in to something perfect. This tutorial explains how it’s done..

Blackhole Pro enables you to receive an email alert for each blocked bot. The plugin enables you to choose the type of email alert, or customize your own using provided shortcodes. This tutorial explains how to “roll your own” custom email alerts.

Blackhole Pro automatically detects, traps, and blocks bad bots. There are some cases, however, where you may want to always allow access for a particular bot or IP address. This may come in handy for testing purposes, proxy servers, caching plugins, and so forth. This quick tutorial explains how to whitelist with Blackhole Pro.

This tutorial explains two ways to “hide” the default URLs for USP Forms. These URLs are used when building your forms, but they are not really meant to be accessed directly by visitors. So in this tutorial we explain the details and show how to use a small snippet of .htaccess to redirect or block […]

This quick tutorial explains how to exclude USP Forms from the W3 Total Cache plugin. Excluding the pages that are displaying your forms can help resolve certain issues like the “please do not load this page directly” error. In general, dynamic content like forms should not be cached because it can interfere with normal functionality.

This quick tutorial shows how to customize labels, placeholders, and fieldsets with USP Pro. You’ll learn how to change and/or disable labels and placeholders on Primary Fields and Custom Fields, and also learn how to completely customize the default HTML/markup that’s generated for labels and fieldsets in any USP Form.

Quick tutorial showing how to set up forms for multiple campaigns with SES Pro.

By default, blank spaces are replaced with underscores _ in the value attribute of custom checkbox, radio, and select fields. This post explains how to reverse this behavior and replace the underscores with blank spaces.