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Welcome to the Tutorials! Here you will find tutorials, tricks and tips for USP Pro, SES Pro, and more. Drop a line to suggest a tutorial!

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BBQ Pro is built with technology derived from my 5G/6G Firewall. So I get a lot of questions from users who want to know more about the differences between 5G/6G and BBQ Pro. This post rounds up all those FAQs to help make everyone’s lives a little bit easier.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through some examples showing how to block spam and other bad requests by adding custom patterns. These examples are taken from real life questions sent in by BBQ Pro users. So grab your favorite beverage and follow along!

BBQ Pro makes it easy to block any IP address, or even a range of IP addresses. This tutorial shows you how to do it.

Super quick tutorial today, explaining how to use WordPress’ “nextpage” functionality in USP Pro forms. This technique enables users to include the <!–nextpage–> shortcode directly in the form’s Post Content field. So when the post is submitted, WP’s nextpage functionality will split the post into numbered subpages and include a set of subpage navigation links.

This tutorial explains how to customize the name of the post author when submitting posts via the front-end with USP Pro. The first technique shows how to use the Display Name instead of the default Login Name when using the default Name field. And the second technique shows how to get the user’s name via […]

This tutorial explains how to limit the display of posts to the currently logged-in post author. This is useful when you have a mutli-author blog where each author should only be able to view and edit their own posts. This technique works with or without USP Pro.

USP Pro provides a Content field through which users can submit post content along with the post title, tags, and other information. By default, this field is displayed to the user without any predefined content, which is ideal for most cases. But if you want to include some default content, that also is possible using […]

This quick tutorial explains how to exclude USP Pro Forms from the WP Super Cache plugin. Excluding the pages that are displaying your forms can help resolve certain issues like the “please do not load this page directly” error. In general, dynamic content like forms should not be cached because it can interfere with normal […]