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Welcome to the Tutorials! Here you will find tutorials, tricks and tips for USP Pro, SES Pro, and more. Drop a line to suggest a tutorial!

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GA Pro is the easy way to add your Google Analytics tracking code to WordPress! Gives you full control over GA tracking on your site. Super-duper lightweight and fast. Supports all the latest Google Analytics tracking techniques. Simply add your Tracking ID and done. After 24-48 hours, you can log in to your Google account […]

GA Google Analytics Pro (GA Pro) is equipped with complete inline documentation available via the Help tab on the plugin settings screen. The Help tab always will be current with the latest version of GA Pro, while the settings information below may not be as current (due to the update cycle). Further, the information provided […]

Here is a quick tutorial that explains how to add a custom field to WordPress REST results. Estimated time required: 5 minutes.

USP Pro enables you to create post-submission forms that enable users to submit just about type of file. For this tutorial, we cover how to set up a basic post-submission form that enables users to submit video files. Just a few steps until done!

USP Pro provides built-in form validation and error notifications. But sometimes you just want a little more.. like custom form validation for certain fields. This post explains how to go about grabbing the form POST data, and validating it however is required. Note that this is an advanced technique aimed at developers.

USP Pro provides flexible Email Alerts for user-submitted posts. Much is possible out of the box, and with the power of custom fields, you can set up highly customized email alerts that are perfect for any workflow. In this quick tutorial, we’ll see an example of this, where we dynamically add the name of the […]

USP Pro provides a robust set of Email Alerts for users and administrators. Normally the alerts work great, but there are situations where the emails just aren’t arriving to the destination inbox. This quick guide explains how to enable email alerts and also provides some things to check when troubleshooting email alert functionality.

This quick tutorial explains how to enable uploads for file types that are not supported by WordPress by default. As explained in this tutorial, USP Pro supports all of the file types that are supported by WordPress. And as you can see in that post, that’s a LOT of different file formats. But not every […]