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Round-up of testimonials and feedback for our plugins and the awesome customer service that comes with them :)

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“If you have been looking for a maintenance and configuration free, yet highly customizable strong web application firewall for your WordPress blogs and websites, install BBQ and forget about it.”
Robert Abela

“Is BBQ Pro ‘enough security’. YES, I use other tools in htaccess, Firewall on my server, Fail2Ban etc. and of course using strong passwords, dynamic IP blocking and not using admin as a username — is there any reason to use other WordPress security plugins? They seem ‘bloated’, complicated and redundant. That is why I like BBQ Pro — simple and it works.”
— Frank Gomez

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Blackhole Pro

The Pro version of the Blackhole plugin is pretty new, so there are no testimonials yet. But the free version is enjoyed by many happy WordPress users. Check out what they have to say about Blackhole for Bad Bots at the WP Plugin Directory.

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SES Pro has lots of happy users, but there are no testimonials yet.. add yours!

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“thanks for this wonderfull plugin. about 1000000 times better than gravityforms!”
— Martin Rack

“Your plugin keeps getting better and better! Thanks for your work on this. Ive definitely been recommending it to other developers.”
— Neil Rowe

“Never had such great experience with support!”
— Miroslav Beslin

“A friend of mine […] told me that he has never received the kind of support, from any other product supplier, that even remotely compares to yours.”
— Randy

“Wow, really blown away here. Not only is USP PRO a remarkably well-made plugin which is absolutely perfect for my needs, but Jeff has offered invaluable support, and really went above and beyond to help me integrate USP PRO with my project! You rarely find plugins of this quality, or support this helpful, anywhere else — so I’ll be definitely looking out for more from Plugin Planet in the future!”
— Anton Kawasaki

“Jeff, you’re rocking my world with your speed. You win the who’s fastest with support contest. Thanks!”
— Matt

“I really appreciate such a good assistance. Enjoy both, your good service and your product.”
— Sergey Semenov

“I’m really happy that you’re finally doing premium plug-ins for WordPress and decided to supercharge USP.”
— Marco Sarroca

“Thank you, Jeff!!! Thank you for your patience. Great customer service! Glad I went pro.”
— Adrian Martinez

“It’s a great solution for powering user generated content on your site and with both a free and paid version available it’s well worth a try.”
— Owen Powis

“You are amazing! I am quite flabbergasted by your customer support and your willingness to take on new challenges. That worked perfectly … Thanks so much for your help. ”
— H Thompson

“Thank you for your great support”
— Junichi Saito

“Thank you for your quick response! So far you’re getting in A+ in customer service… Fantastic! Did I mention you’re a great plugin author??? ”
— Vernon Smith

“Thanks – what tremendous support you offer – very impressed!!!”
— Charlotte Craig

“@perishable truly lives up to his name #superstar USP Pro Tutorial for The Owner-Builder Network: via @YouTube”
— Charlotte Craig

“If you are considering this plugin, you should know that Jeff’s service and responsiveness to our questions was nothing short of AWESOME! He is better than 10/10 and yes, the plugin is great too :D”
— David Wilks – The Owner-Builder Network

“I’m thank you so much for your detail explanation and tutorial support! U r really providing the best customer service i’ve ever tried. I’ll try them and will ask u if i got any more question, thanks again.”
— Eddie Tang

“I LOVE your plugin! … Awesome news. And yes, I’m a very big fan of your plugin. It quickly made my favorites list.”
— Adam Stern

“…if anyone will be using this plugin often, or on multiple sites, definitely spend the money. It is worth it.”
— morfie

“Your service is excellent.”
— Leslie

“Oh yeah, also got my copy of USP PRO, which also rocks. Thank you for making me a better developer for my clients.”

“Besides the awesome features of your plugin (no competition, believe me…) your biggest selling feature are your same day nearly instant replies.”
— Enrique Flouret

“I had to write and tell you, YOUR FREAKING AWESOME. So far this is by far the best money I’ve ever spent for a website. Thank you so much for not only the hard work you put into creating this, but your willingness to help me prior to even purchasing it. Thank you very much.”
— Daniel Rowden

“Your form combined with CPTs, Members and ACF creates a very powerful profile solution. It puts BuddyPress v2 to complete shame.”
— Kyler Boudreau

“Let me say it again, you are amazing and I thank you so much. You have amazed me with the level of support. I’d like to tell the net about your astounding customer service.”
— Marc

“Just wanted to say what a super pluging USP PRO is and that your support is the best I’ve experienced. … The more I use your plugin, the more I can see it can do.”
— Mac Ricardo

“…thanks for a great product, and great support!”
— Danny Kruger

“Great support =)”
— Warren

“Awesome plugin dude!”
— Jonathan Williams

“Thanks for the great software!”
— Kyler Boudreau

“USP Pro is working so beautifully for me!”
— Renee

“Just want to say that this plugin is awesome and does everything I need it to. […] Thanks for your help again, best plugin support I’ve ever gotten.”
— Isaac

“I’m so happy with your plugin. It is working like a charm! Congrats!”
— Ernesto Medina

“Thanks for a great plugin!”
— Chris

“I have in fact gone a head and brought the Pro version and i must say its an awesome plugin! extremely powerful, well coded, really easy to use! so glad i upgraded :)”
— Thomas Renshaw

“You made a WONDERFUL plugin and I’m very happy to have paid to support you. I hope to get more web development clients as I grow out my freelancing, so that I can purchase more licenses and support your work further. Great stuff, Jeff. Thanks a million!”
— Dima Volo

“I really appreciate all the help you have provided since I upgraded, you have been beyond patient! Your support is 5 star!”
— Deidre Buck

“Jeff, ‘You are the Best’ Thank you so much for all your help. That code worked perfect. […] Thank You :)”
— Craig Angus

“I’m love USP Pro (as well as the support)”
— Kevin

“Let me tell you that your plugin is awesome!”
— Giovanni Bernabe

“Fantastic support […] Great customer service […] Thanks again!”
— Mark R

“You will have a 5 starts for you excellent support service.”
— Caro Manel

“Thanks again for the awesome plugin and great support you provide for it.”
— Anne McNulty

“Excellent wonderful customer service nothing but good things to say despite my technical issues best of luck to you.”
— Ralph

“Amazing Jeff ! Wonderful plugin and wonderful support as well. Appreciate.”
— Soumya

“Thanks again! Really impressed by the level of documentation you have. Well worth the money.”
— Xavier Wing Hing

“I must say that I actually underestimated the power of this plugin. I was able to work with my site’s custom fields in complex ways necessary for my website. There’s even a helper plugin for people like me that have trouble playing around with a theme’s php files. To top it off, the support i’ve received from the author is superb; I personally have not received this level of support from any other plugin author. I definitely recommend this plugin to everyone. It’s the complete package!”
— Scott

“I’ve purchased many themes and plugins and contacted many supports team but your support is THE BEST.”
— Lula Melendez

“Thank you so much! You’ve gone above and beyond to help me figure this out. The plugin is excellent.”
— Catherine Toews

“Thanks Jeff – it really is a well designed and written comprehensive plugin! :)”
— Mark A

“First time a credit to this absolutely brilliant plugin. I love it!”
— Sascha

“Your fabulous plugin USP Pro is such a great tool for us, we love it.”
— Kai

“Thanks for supporting me, I Love USP PRO.”
— Moataz

“Thanks For your Gold Support !”
Juan Buitrago

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