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Pro version of Block Bad Queries security plugin. Advanced protection against malicious URL requests and exploits. BBQ Pro checks all incoming traffic and quietly blocks any requests that contain nasty stuff like base64_, eval(, and .exec(.

Banhammer Pro

Monitor site traffic and ban any suspicious targets. Slick Ajax-powered UI gives you a wealth of visitor data in easy-to-digest format. Banhammer Pro enables you to ban and warn based on IP, UA, WP User, Referrer, and Request URI.

Blackhole Pro

Protect your site from bad bots. Blackhole Pro detects and traps bad bots in a virtual blackhole, where they are denied access to your entire site. Completely customizable with full-featured Bad Bot Log, where you can view and manage bad bots.

GA Pro

GA Google Analytics Pro is the easy way to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site. Super-duper lightweight and fast. Supports all the latest GA tracking techniques. Just add your Tracking ID and done. Features Opt-Out Box for visitors.


Run your own email campaigns and newsletters with unlimited Ajax-powered signup forms. Add a full-featured double opt-in newsletter to any page in seconds. Send unlimited emails with NO monthly fees and NO restrictions.


Create and customize unlimited front-end forms and display them anywhere on your site. Easily create post submission forms, registration forms, contact forms, login forms, bulletin boards, forums, and everything in between.

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