Thank you for your interest in our WordPress plugins. This page describes various ways to stay current with news and updates. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach us via the contact form on our support page.

Plugin Updates

All of our plugins (both free and pro) can be upgraded directly via the WP Admin Area. When an update is available, you will be notified on the Plugins screen and/or Updates screen. There you can click to upgrade the plugin automatically. For more information on upgrading plugins, or if you need to upgrade manually via SFTP, follow this guide.

Plugin Planet News

To keep an eye on latest news and updates without actually subscribing or installing any plugin, you can read our News blog. There you can learn more about the latest updates for our pro plugins. For information and updates about any of our free plugins, visit the WP Plugin Directory.

Subscribe via RSS Feed

For a more automated way to stay current with the latest news and tutorials, you can subscribe to any of our RSS feeds. There are many ways to subscribe via RSS/feed. To learn more, just search for “rss reader” or similar should yield lots of results. Below is a list of feeds for our pro plugins. Similar feeds are available for each of our free plugins at the WP Plugin Directory.

Here are some other RSS feeds for Plugin Planet:

* We also have RSS feeds available for each of our support forums. When logged in, visit any forum and scroll down to the comment form. Just beneath the comment form is a link to subscribe to comments.

Email Newsletter

We also provide a free newsletter that is delivered via email. The newsletter is more of a “digest” that summarizes recent happenings and news. So it’s not the best way to stay current with latest changes as they happen. The newsletter provides a “big picture” look at Plugin Planet, including information about plugin updates, new plugin announcements, and any promotional offers that may be available. To sign up for the newsletter, enter your name and email in the signup form in the footer below.

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For even more WordPress and web-development news and tutorials, check out our related sites and projects:

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