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This quick post explains how to upgrade any plugin purchased from Plugin Planet. Staying current helps to ensure site stability, performance, and security. So always update your plugin to the latest version to get the latest features, bug fixes, and other improvements. Basically there are two ways to upgrade: automatically via WP’s one-click upgrade, or manually via (S)FTP. This post explains both methods.

Upgrade via WP Admin Area

One of the benefits to activating your plugin license is that it enables free one-click updates from the WordPress Admin Area. When an upgrade is available, WordPress will notify you in the Admin Area. When you see that there is an update available, you can upgrade using WP’s one-click upgrade feature by following these steps:

  1. Backup your settings, database, files, etc. (just a best-practice precaution, recommended for any WP upgrade)
  2. Visit the “Plugins” screen
  3. Click the “View Details” link to learn more about the new version (also recommended as best-practice)
  4. Click the “Update Now” link
  5. Done!

These steps will help to ensure that everything goes smooth with the upgrade. As always, it’s highly recommended to check settings and verify proper functionality after any WP upgrade. Also note that you can download the latest version of your plugin anytime at your convenience.

Upgrade via (S)FTP

If one-click upgrades are not possible, it’s always possible to upgrade manually via FTP (or even better, SFTP). Here are the steps:

  1. Backup your settings, database, files, etc. (just a best-practice precaution, recommended for any WP upgrade)
  2. Download the latest version of your plugin
  3. Unzip the plugin
  4. Connect to your site via FTP
  5. Delete the existing copy of the plugin from the server (should be located in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory)
  6. Upload the new plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  7. Done!

That’s all there is to it. Remember to thoroughly check all plugin settings and test everything for proper functionality (always a best-practice step after any WP upgrade). Also, if you are on the manual/FTP track for plugin upgrades, be sure to stay current with the latest and greatest by grabbing the Plugin Planet News Feed.

Alternate upgrade technique

Alternately, here is a technique for upgrading that restores the plugin settings and data to their original/default state:

  1. Backup any settings or data that you would like to preserve (optional)
  2. Download a copy of the latest version of your plugin
  3. Visit the License screen for your plugin and disable the license
  4. Visit the “Plugins” screen in the WP Admin Area
  5. Deactivate and delete the plugin via the Plugins screen
  6. Upload the new plugin via Add Plugin > “Upload Plugin”
  7. Reactivate the plugin and enable the license
  8. Done!

That will enable you to install the latest version directly, by selecting the plugin zip file from your computer. Again, this alternate way of upgrading will result in all plugin settings and data being removed and replaced with the factory defaults.