This tutorial explains how to manage your plugin license and domain(s).

To manage your license, and/or enable/disable domains, follow these steps:

  1. Log in at
  2. Visit your Purchase History at
  3. Click “View Licenses”
  4. Click “Manage Sites”

While logged in you can perform other tasks, like download the plugin, grab a copy of your receipt, and more.

How Licenses Work

Basically there are two aspects to your plugin license:

  • Duration – the period of time for which a license is valid
  • Quantity – the number of allowed sites (WP installations)

The license duration for all of my Pro plugins is indefinite, or “lifetime”, meaning that you get free updates whenever a new version is released, for the life of the plugin.

The license quantity depends on the type of purchased license (e.g., “Personal”, “Business”, “Developer”, et al). So for example, a Personal License may be used on one site, whereas a Business License may be used on multiple sites (depending on the plugin). Note that each “site” refers to a unique installation of WordPress; or if running WP Multisite, each “site” refers to an individual site in the network (e.g., a Personal License cannot be used for all sites on a Multisite network).

Also understand that licenses can be transferred from one site to another. So for example, if you get a Personal License (valid for one site), can it be transferred from a development site to a live, production site. Here is a guide that explains how to transfer a license.