This post explains how to activate and deactivate a plugin license. Activating your license gives you access to plugin settings, free auto-updates, and priority support. Works for any plugin license. Note: to view your License Key at any time, log in to your account at Plugin Planet.

How to activate & deactivate your license

There are two ways to activate & deactivate your licence: via the plugin settings or online via your Plugin Planet account.

To activate/deactivate via the plugin settings
  1. Get your License Key
  2. In the WP Admin Area, visit the plugin’s License screen
  3. Enter your license in the field, “License Key”
  4. Click “Save Changes”
  5. Click “Activate License”

To deactivate, click “Deactivate License”.

To activate/deactivate via your Plugin Planet account
  1. First, log in to your account at Plugin Planet »
  2. From your account Dashboard, click the Purchase History link
  3. Click on “View Licenses”
  4. Click “Manage Sites”

From here, you can deactivate any site by clicking “Deactivate Site”. And/or you can activate a new site by entering its full URL in the “Add Site” field and clicking the button.

Important: remember to deactivate your license before uninstalling (deleting) the plugin, and/or transferring to a new domain. Learn more about license transfers.

Location of the License screen

For most of our plugins, you can find a link to the License screen under the plugin menu. For example, for Blackhole Pro get to the License screen as follows:

  1. Click on “Blackhole Pro” in the main WordPress menu
  2. Under that menu, will find a link to the License screen

The only exception to this is with USP Pro. The License screen for USP Pro is located under the Plugins menu. So you can find it as follows:

  1. Click on “Plugins” in the main WordPress menu
  2. Under that menu, will find a link to the USP Pro License screen

Alternate method: activate via PHP constant

For experts only. Current versions of our pro plugins can be activated by adding your license key via a PHP constant in the WordPress wp-config.php file. For example to constant-activate Banhammer Pro, add the following line to wp-config.php:

if (!defined('BANHAMMER_LICENSE')) define('BANHAMMER_LICENSE', '1234567890');

Replace the constant value, 1234567890, with your actual license key. Save changes, upload, and done. After adding your license key this way, you can visit the License screen to verify active status.

For reference, here are the constant names for each of our pro plugins:


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