I’m pleased to announce a completely revamped and completely awesome new version of the USP Helper plugin! This plugin makes it easy to display Custom Fields automatically on submitted posts. Works to display Custom Fields on the frontend or backend of your site. The new redesigned Helper plugin is loaded with features and far more robust, flexible, and extensible than the old task-specific versions.


Features of the new Helper plugin include:

  • Display Custom Fields on the front-end, backend, or both
  • Display Custom Fields before or after post content
  • Settings page makes it easy to define and configure your Custom Fields
  • Define custom markup to be included before and after each Custom Field
  • Define custom markup to be included before and after all Custom Fields
  • Supports all types of Custom Fields: text, images, audio, video, and more
  • Limit display of Custom Fields to WP Posts and Pages, or display them everywhere (e.g., homepage, archives, et al)
  • Limit display of Custom Fields to submitted posts, or display Custom Fields for all Posts and Pages
  • Optimized loading of video assets for better performance
  • Supports Custom Fields with multiple values (i.e., arrays)
  • Includes video shortcodes to display video
  • Displays Custom Fields from both free and Pro version of USP
  • Includes a set of filter hooks for advanced customization

And of course another great thing about the USP Helper plugin is that it’s 100% FREE to everyone who owns a copy of USP Pro!

Check out the USP Helper settings page and learn more about USP Helper »