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Auto Expire Posts

This addon enables users to submit posts that expire at a specific date and/or time. Very useful for things like contest sites, special offers, and social media promotional adventures.

Custom Redirects

This addon displays “success” and “error” messages when using Custom Redirects for USP Forms. Works automatically, no configuration required. Advanced customization possible.

Custom File Names

Custom File Names adds a unique/custom prefix to all uploaded file names. Works automatically, no configuration required. Further customization may be possible, contact us for details.

Limit Posts

Limit Posts enables you to limit the number of submitted posts for any user role. Visit the Limit Posts settings to choose your options. Other options include auto-assign author, and customizable error message.

Custom Fields Helper

The USP Helper plugin makes it easy to display Custom Fields in submitted posts. Works to display Custom Fields on the frontend, backend, or both. It’s a FREE download for owners of USP Pro.

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Free Tools

Log Requests

This tutorial and script provide an example of how to use custom logging functions to record requests that are blocked by BBQ Pro. It’s entirely plug-n-play with no configuration required.

Reset Patterns

This simple plugin does one thing: resets the BBQ Patterns back to their factory defaults. Usage: unzip and upload to /wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory, then refresh any frontend post or page.

Banhammer Unlock

This simple plugin can be used to restore access if you accidentally ban yourself. Usage: unzip and upload to /wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory, then log in and un-ban yourself.

Blackhole Cache Helper

This simple plugin enables Blackhole to work with certain types of cache plugins (e.g., WP Fastest Cache). Usage: unzip and upload to /wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory, and done.

Server Test

Server Test checks to see if the WordPress function wp_remote_post() is working properly on your site. If not, it performs some other tests to see if any suitable alternative methods are available.

More Tools

More tools, scripts, and custom functions can be found in the following resources at Plugin Planet:

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