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The Server Test plugin checks to make sure your site is compatible with USP Pro, SES Pro, and other plugins. Specifically, Server Test checks to see if the WordPress function wp_remote_post() is working properly on your site. If not, it performs some other tests to see if any suitable alternative methods are available. Using the plugin literally could not be easier.

More Information

The Server Test plugin performs a few quick tests to see if required WordPress functionality is available on your site. Specifically, USP Pro, SES Pro, and other plugins from Plugin Planet must connect to the home server to activate/deactivate the license. The connection is made using the built-in WordPress function wp_remote_post(). This plugin checks to make sure that wp_remote_post() is working properly by making an HTTP POST request to the server at

Installation & Usage

Install and activate like any other plugin. Then visit “USP Server Test” in the Admin Area to see the results.

If your site does not pass the test, please contact us for help.

Important: Do not purchase USP Pro, SES Pro, or any other plugin offered by Plugin Planet without first checking for compatibility. Issues that can be detected before purchase will not be supported.


Here is what you’ll see in the Admin Area after activating USP Server Test:

Server Test Plugin

If your site does not pass the test, please contact us for help.

Download Version 2.0

Download USP Server Test

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