Announcing a new addon/extension for USP Pro: Custom Redirects! This extension displays “success” and “error” messages when custom redirects are enabled with USP Pro. No configuration required: simply install, activate, and enjoy automatic “success” and “error” messages, displayed for all forms, even if they are redirected upon submission.

How it works

By default, USP Pro redirects the user back to the current page after the form is submitted. In this case, the “success” and “error” messages are displayed automatically, based on the plugin settings. For most use-case scenarios, this default functionality works great.

But what if you are using a custom redirect when the form is submitted? Before this extension was available, the “success” and “error” messages were not displayed automatically, but required some custom code to make it happen.

Now, with the Custom Redirects extension, you can use display “success” and “error” messages automatically when using custom redirects for your USP Forms. Simply activate the plugin and done. Success and error messages will be displayed automatically, using the “success” and “error” messages defined in the plugin settings. So it requires no further configuration, just install, activate, and done!

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