USP Pro enables users to submit post content. When the Visual/RTE/TinyMCE Editor is enabled on the Post Content (or Post Excerpt) field, enabled users can insert images and other files via the “Add Media” button. In order to do this, image tags <img> must be enabled via the Post Formatting setting. This quick tutorial explains how it works and where to enable in the plugin settings.

5 Second Summary: To enable users to add images via the Visual Editor, add img to the setting “Post Formatting” (Advanced tab).

How it works

By default, Post Content fields do not accept any HTML tags. This is a security measure that gives you control over the media that can be uploaded by enabled users. For example, if the user clicks the “Add Media” button and inserts an image into the post content, it will be removed when the form is submitted. This is because all HTML tags are not allowed by default, so the image tag, <img>, won’t make it through to the post.

Enable Images and other HTML tags

To enable users to add images when using the RTE/Visual Editor (Post Content Field), visit the plugin setting “Post Formatting” under the Advanced tab. There you can add the following value:


Then save changes and done. Enabled users will be able to submit images via the “Add Media” button on the Visual Editor. Likewise, to allow users to include linked images and links in general, you would add this to the “Post Formatting” setting:

img, a

For more information, check out Post Formatting.