Plugin Planet

Premium WordPress Plugins is designed to sell premium WordPress plugins. I will be adding my own plugins to the site, and also hosting plugins for independent developers. Here is a little bit about the site.

Built with WordPress

WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and .htaccess. WordPress plugins include:

Enhanced with jQuery

Much of the site’s design is enhanced with jQuery. jQuery plugins include:

Design Features

Features of the site include responsive design and clean HTML markup built with Web Standards. CSS coded by hand and kept as minimal as possible. Should look good on all screens, let me know if otherwise. I think my favorite part of the site is the feature panel on the home page. It’s packed with screenshots and descriptions and far and away required the most time to plan and put together.

Work in progress

The site is a work in progress. Going forward, I will be fleshing out the Docs, Tutorials, and News content, while polishing up the design based on user feedback. If you have suggestions, comments, or questions, or would like info about hosting your plugin at Plugin Planet, drop a line.