BBQ Pro is equipped with the following action and filter hooks.

Action Hooks

Action Description
bbq_settings_contextual_help fires action during contextual help for settings
bbq_patterns_contextual_help fires action during contextual help for patterns
bbq_tools_contextual_help fires action during contextual help for tools
bbq_license_contextual_help fires action during contextual help for license
bbq_scan fires action during BBQ scan (can be used for logging requests, et al)

Filter Hooks

Filter Description
bbq_options filters default BBQ settings array
bbq_patterns filters default BBQ patterns array
bbq_get_options filters active BBQ settings array
bbq_get_patterns filters active BBQ patterns array
bbq_check_length filters allowable length for URI requests
bbq_request_array filters array of request variables
bbq_patterns_tabs filters tabs on BBQ patterns screen
bbq_status_codes filters default BBQ status codes
bbq_ip_filter filters flags for filter_var() IP validation
bbq_wildcard filters regex that enables wildcard IP matching
bbq_ip_keys filters headers for IP detection
bbq_i18n_locale filters the default locale via get_locale()
bbq_send_alerts_site filters the default site name for Email Alerts
bbq_send_alerts_subject filters the default subject line for Email Alerts
bbq_alert_date filters the date for Email Alerts
bbq_alert_headers filters the message headers for Email Alerts
bbq_dash_icon filters the default icon used for the BBQ dashboard/menu.
bbq_date filters the date/time associated with logged/blocked requests

I will be adding more hooks in future versions on an as-needed basis, so let me know if you have any requests and it shall be done :)