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  1. Brian Brown PhDAugust 8, 2020

    Feature Request!

    Hi Jeff!

    It would be nice if there were an option to locate the custom warning script OUTSIDE of the [current] theme directory, i.e., the /wp-content/ directory. This is really where it should go anyway, per contemporary WordPress standards. e.g., /wp-content/blackhole/warning-custom.php, but not — never; ever — in the plugin’s own folder (although that would be a viable “failsafe” in the event of not being found elsewhere. If the theme gets changed, albeit temporarily (like for debugging purposes), it might throw a ‘404’ depending on how you have it coded. In this way, the script would not be dependent on the activated theme in order to properly function.

    Secondly, and of lesser import, you should also have an option to rename the “/?blackhole” to something else. Its too obvious and some bots might purposefully ignore it, learning from all the millions (!) of other sites that use this plugin. Some bots have a pretty sophisticated learning curve and if I were building one, I would certainly incorporate a “bad URL” word index of some sort into it.

    “Geeking for over 57 Years!”

    • Jeff StarrAugust 8, 2020

      Hi Brian, thanks for the feedback. Definitely will consider your idea about locating the script outside of the theme directory. For the second idea, the Pro version of Blackhole already provides an option called “Custom Keyword” that enables you to change the “blackhole” trigger word. Check out the Help tab for more details, it is loaded with useful infos and tips.

    • Jeff StarrMay 3, 2021

      Just to follow up with this, it now is possible to locate the custom script outside of the theme directory. Check out the popout box in this post for more infos. Thanks again for the feedback, Brian.

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