Pleased to announce my next WordPress plugin, Dashboard Widgets Suite! This plugin bundles together a sweet (pun intended) collection of awesome widgets such as User Notes, System Info, and Debug Log, Social Media Icons, and more.

1 Plugin. 9 Widgets. Awesome Dashboard.

Dashboard Widgets Suite provides an entire set of awesome widgets that you can add to your WordPress Dashboard:

  • Control Panel – Enable/disable widgets directly from the Dashboard
  • User Notes – Add, edit, delete notes for any user role
  • Feed Box – Display and customize any RSS Feed
  • Social Box – Display social media links from Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • List Box – Display a custom list of links created via the Menu screen
  • Widget Box – Display any theme or WP widget (e.g., Meta, Search, Text)
  • System Info – Display basic or advanced system info (e.g., WP, PHP, server, client)
  • Debug Log – Display, customize, reset your WP debug log
  • PHP Error Log – Display, customize, reset your server error log

Each of these widgets includes its own set of options for customizing display. And you can enable/disable any widget from the settings are via the Control Panel on the WP Dashboard.

Plugin Features

Dashboard Widgets Suite provides a slick set of useful Dashboard widgets with some great features:

  • Includes 9 awesome Dashboard widgets
  • Easy to set up and customize options
  • Squeaky clean, error-free code
  • Built with the WordPress API
  • Well-styled and elegant display
  • Lightweight, fast and flexible
  • Focused on performance, loads only enabled widgets
  • Enable/disable widgets via Dashboard or plugin settings
  • Option to restore 1-column display for the Dashboard
  • Shortcodes to display widgets on the frontend
  • Many options for customizing widget display

Check out the Screenshots for more details!


DWS provides several shortcodes for displaying your widgets on the front-end:

  • [dws_feed_box] => Feed Box
  • [dws_social_box] => Social Box
  • [dws_user_notes] => User Notes

You can add these to any WP Post or Page to display the widget on the frontend. The same widget settings apply to both frontend and backend display. DWS also provides a wealth of action and filter hooks for advanced customization. Visit either of the links below for more information.

Get the Plugin

Learn more and download the plugin from »