SES Pro was launched in 2015 to provide DIY slash self-hosted email signups and newsletter campaigns. It wasn’t our hottest selling plugin, but served an important niche: admins who want full control over email signups and sending with no 3rd-party requirements, recurring fees, or other restrictions. But alas, due to a variety of factors, the time has come to retire SES Pro.

What is happening?

SES Pro is retiring as of today, October 22, 2022. This means the plugin no longer will be developed, supported, or available for purchase.

What about existing licenses?

Existing SES Pro licenses will be supported for six months from today (thru April 22, 2023). It is recommended to find a replacement for SES Pro within that timeframe.

Why is it retiring?

There are two main reasons for retiring SES Pro. First, a core component of the plugin, Swift Mailer, has been discontinued by the developer. SES Pro was built around Swift Mailer. Now that it’s no longer developed, a major overhaul and rewriting of SES Pro would be required to integrate a suitable replacement. That would be possible if the sales for SES Pro were sufficient to cover the required time and resources. Unfortunately that’s not the case. SES Pro is very niche, and sales do not warrant such a major overhaul of its codebase.

Does SES Pro still work?

Yes, as of today everything works great on latest WordPress. With the retirement of Swift Mailer, however, it’s a just matter of time before bugs start cropping up and things start breaking down. So even though the plugin may continue to work, it is advised that you find a replacement as soon as possible. Fortunately, there is an abundance of email signup services and newsletter type plugins currently available at and other trusted plugin providers.

Questions? Comments?

Reach us anytime with questions or comments.