This post explains how to add a Submit button to any USP Form.

Basically there are two ways to include a submit button:

  • Globally (applies to all forms): visit Advanced settings ▸ Form Configuration ▸ “Auto-include submit button”.
  • Locally (applies to individual forms): add the following shortcode to any USP Form: [usp_submit]

Enabling the Global auto-include setting instructs USP Pro to auto-include a submit button in each form. So if this setting is enabled and your form includes the [usp_submit] shortcode, two Submit buttons will be displayed. So to resolve, either disable the global setting or remove the Submit shortcode.

Likewise, if your form is not displaying a Submit button, that means that the global setting is disabled and there is no Submit shortcode included in the form. To resolve, you can either enable the global setting or include the [usp_submit] shortcode.

For more details, check out the [usp_submit] shortcode reference.

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