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USP Pro makes it easy to create and customize your own front-end forms. USP Forms are assembled just like regular WordPress Posts or Pages, from an Edit USP Form screen. There you can add field inputs, buttons, links, text, markup, and other content to embellish your forms. Form fields can be text input, textarea, radio select, dropdown select, (multiple) file select, checkboxes, and many others. Form elements are completely customizable and may be added via shortcode or direct markup. To make building forms easier, USP Pro includes a robust set of Form Quicktags to add form inputs with default or custom attributes.

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

Create a new USP Form

  1. Go to USP Forms > Add New
  2. Give the form a title and optionally a featured image, format, etc.
  3. Add the desired field elements to the form using the provided set of quicktags (e.g., USP:Name, USP:Title, et al), or add field inputs using HTML.
  4. Add additional content as desired (e.g., descriptive text, additional markup, etc.).
  5. Preview the form, modify as required, and publish the form when ready.

Pro Tip: use the Form Demos as an example or template from which to build and customize as needed.

Customize an existing USP Form

  1. Go to USP Forms and select an existing form from the list.
  2. Edit the form as needed, just like any regular WP Post or Page.
  3. Save changes and done.

The USP Quicktags are a great way to add and customize form items as needed. For a complete list, visit Tools > Shortcodes in the plugin settings.