USP Pro makes it easy to create and customize your own front-end forms. USP Pro Forms are built via the “Edit USP Form” screen. There you can add form fields like inputs, buttons, links, markup, text and other content to embellish your forms. Form fields can be any type, including text input, textarea, radio select, dropdown select, (multiple) file select, checkboxes, and many others. Form elements are completely customizable and may be added via shortcode or direct markup. To make building forms easier, USP Pro includes a robust set of Quicktags, enabling you to add field shortcodes and elements directly to the form.

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

The video “shows” it best, but here also is a written tutorial for those who prefer reading :)

Create a new USP Form

Here are the basic steps to create a new USP Pro Form:

  1. Go to USP FormsAdd New
  2. Make sure you are using the Plain Text Editor (do not use the Visual Editor when building forms)
  3. Give the form a title and optionally a featured image, category, format, etc.
  4. Add any necessary field shortcodes to the form using the provided USP Quicktags
  5. Add additional content as desired (e.g., descriptive text, additional markup, etc.)
  6. Preview the form, modify as required, and publish the form when ready

That last step is very important. Once the form is published, you can display it on any post or page via the form’s shortcode. The form must have “Publish” status in order to display via its shortcode. If the form is “Draft” or “Pending”, its shortcode will not work.

Note: The USP Quicktags are a set of buttons that are displayed just above the content editor on the “Edit USP Form” screen. They are named like USP:Name, USP:Title, USP:Content and so forth.
Pro Tip: use the Form Demos as an example or template from which to build and customize as needed.

Customize an existing USP Form

Here are the basic steps to customize an existing USP Pro Form:

  1. Go to USP Forms and select an existing form from the list
  2. Edit the form as needed, just like any regular WP Post or Page
  3. Save changes and done

The USP Quicktags are a great way to add and customize form items as needed. If you don’t see them, try force-reloading the page, and/or clear all cache and cookies and try again. Sometimes it also helps to toggle back and forth between the Visual and Plain Text Editor. Remember to return to the Plain Text Editor before building or editing your form.