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USP Pro enables users and visitors to submit any number supported file types. Submitted files are uploaded into the WordPress /uploads/ directory and inserted into the WP Media Library. Submitted files are also attached as custom fields to the submitted Post. This dual-assignment functionality provides great flexibility in terms of how, when and where submitted files are used/displayed throughout your site.

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  1. New UserFebruary 19, 2014

    I’ve decided to turn off auto display uploaded images, is there a way to
    display images via image URLs from USP Pro custom fields through modding the template itself?

    • Jeff StarrFebruary 19, 2014

      If you are referring to the theme template, then yes, either of these tags will work:

      <?php $images = usp_get_images('full', '', '', false, false); foreach ($images as $image) echo $image; ?>

      <?php echo usp_get_image(false, 'full', false, false, false, '', '', '', '', false, false, false, false, false); ?>

      Check out the Tools > Template Tags (and shortcodes) for much more that is possible.

  2. New UserFebruary 19, 2014

    I’d like to know if I could, with USP Pro, have the user submitted form be displayed with a background image? More precisely could a user uploaded image be displayed and positioned inside the frame of a background image?

    • Jeff StarrFebruary 19, 2014

      Yes absolutely, the submitted images are available as custom fields and as image attachments in the Media Library, which means that we can use them virtually anywhere. For example, one of the many template tags included with USP Pro would enable you to get the URL like so:

      <?php $images = usp_get_images('full', '', '', 1, false);
      foreach ($images as $image) echo $image; ?>

      This would return the raw URL of the first attached image (full size), which may then be used in JavaScript, PHP, or however is required.

  3. Lone JensenMarch 25, 2014

    Hi – Great plugin – Quick question – In the “image preview” form – would it be possible to add small delete/remove-buttons for each image, so the user can chose not to upload an image before hitting submit?


    • Jeff StarrMarch 25, 2014

      Good idea! I’ve added it to the list for the next update. In the meantime, it may be possible to use jQuery to enable such functionality. Otherwise, will try to add to next version. Thanks for the feedback :)

  4. Lone JensenMarch 26, 2014

    Hi again :)

    Is it possible to change the ‘Maximum number of files’ to be uploaded to be more than 20?

    • Jeff StarrMarch 26, 2014

      Lol, I thought 20 as a max was more than enough, I can’t imagine a scenario where you want to allow visitors to upload more than a few images at a time.. Even so, I’ve upped the maximum from 20 to 99 in the next version of the plugin (1.5), which should be available later today or tomorrow.

  5. KPunkt BPunktApril 5, 2015

    How could i use another folders for that uploads…not the wp folder….cause i would like to sort the uploaded files in different folder…..greetz

  6. Anthony ScarfoneJuly 22, 2015

    My subscribers will be uploading videos. I want the videos to automatically show up on the site without me having to go into the Media Gallery and add the video to the post.

    Is there a way to get the videos to go automatically into the post without me having to manually add it to the post from the Media Gallery?

    • Jeff StarrDecember 19, 2015

      Hi Anthony,

      I know I helped with this previously via email, but want to share the solution here in the Support Forum.

      Anyone looking to auto-include/display submitted video can do so with the USP Helper plugin.

  7. New UserDecember 19, 2015

    Hello, the “Add Media” button is not displayed on the frontend in my forms. How to enable users to upload files?

    • Jeff StarrDecember 19, 2015

      By default, WordPress does not allow/display the “Add Media” button on the front-end for non-admin users. This is similar to the way that only Admins, Editors, and Authors are allowed to upload media in the WP Admin Area.

      The next version of USP Pro will feature an option to override the WP default functionality and display the Add Media button on the front-end for non-admins. If you are interested in setting it up before the next update, drop me a line and I can send the code to implement manually.

  8. Carrie YpmaJanuary 7, 2016

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m new to your plugin. Is it possible to add a check on the image size that will require an image to be square within the given size range? Thank you.

    • Jeff StarrApril 25, 2016

      Hi Carrie, thanks to Kent this is a new feature in USP Pro version 2.3 (soon to be released). Cheers!

  9. New UserNovember 25, 2017

    How do I extract an audio file submission from the WP media storage area?

    • Jeff StarrNovember 25, 2017

      By “extract”, do you mean download? If so, you can do this:

      1. Visit the Media Library
      2. Find the file you want to download
      3. Click the “Edit” link next to the file
      4. On the Edit screen, look for the “File URL” field
      5. Copy the URL and paste into your browser’s address bar

      That will open the file directly, so you can click “Save as” in your browser to download the file.

  10. Craig LawrenceMay 24, 2018

    I am having a problem with uploading file sizes greater than 2 MB. I left the settings at the default of 5 MB but I receive the error message “File(s) required. Please check any required file(s) and try again.” when files greater than 2 MB are attempted. I have tried increasing the max size but this does not work.


    also, is there a way to have the files emailed to as well as uploaded?


    • Jeff StarrMay 24, 2018

      Glad to help:

      1) About file upload issues, that battle is as old as the Internet. Check out this guide for some troubleshooting tips and infos. Most likely the issue is with your server running out of memory, but that is just a guess.

      2) For sending files via email, that is not a current feature, however the latest version of USP Pro does provide an email-alert shortcode that will display a list of all submitted file URLs:

      attached file urls = %%files%%

      More infos in this post.

      • Craig LawrenceMay 24, 2018

        Thank you for your prompt reply. I will see what the troubleshooting tips, but it isn’t a server memory issue because it’s a new site with only a couple of pages and very few files in media.
        We are setting it up to allow conference attendees to upload photos to a contest. and we are in the testing phase before promoting to attendees.

        Thanks again, I’ll let you know if I resolve

      • Jeff StarrMay 24, 2018

        Even brand spanking new servers with loads and loads of memory have limits on memory, execution time, and other parameters (as explained in the troubleshooting article). In fact, it is uncommon for web hosts not to set such limits (like around 2MB or so is common). So definitely something to check first.

      • Jeff StarrMay 24, 2018

        BTW, emails sent to your registered email are getting rejected and sent back, with error message: “Host or domain name not found. Name service error”. (don’t want to post the entire error message because it contains sensitive data)

      • Craig LawrenceMay 31, 2018

        Thanks for your assistance and sorry about the email. I entered wrong and have now corrected it.

        Yes the php setting for max file size was too low. In one location it looked ok but once I went through process of actually increasing it then uploads worked correctly.


      • Jeff StarrMay 31, 2018

        Awesome Craig, glad you got it all sorted.

        Updated to add: looks like there remains an issue with your email address.. the automatic notifications for comments on this thread were kicked back, again with the error: “Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; Host or domain name not found. Name service error”.

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