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This Forum Post is all about feature requests and feedback. If you have ideas for new features, or constructive feedback regarding the site, the plugin, or any of its features, you may post them publicly using the form below, or contact me directly to share privately. Thank you!

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  1. Daris RobertsonFebruary 5, 2014

    There is a global setting of a URL redirect after a post has been submitted. It would be nice if you could do it at the form level. So for example in my case I have a registration form where I want them to redirect to a login form, but I have a content form where I want them to be redirected to a thank you page. etc….

    • Jeff StarrFebruary 5, 2014

      Yes, this is a great idea and should be implemented in an upcoming version. Thanks for the feedback :)

  2. Michael CleggMarch 28, 2014

    It’s great that it has custom post type feature that I can used it. Since I have two taxonomy (custom categories) under custom post type, is there any way to add or switch from category to taxonomy?

    • Jeff StarrMarch 28, 2014

      Custom taxonomies currently are not supported, but it’s on the list for a future update.

  3. Phillip BillupsJanuary 4, 2016

    Just updated to v2.2.1 (from v2.1). Everything looks good so far, I just wish there was a better way to identify when new versions become available and to retrieve/install them. A notice that appears informing the user that a new version is available, at least. Or if such a notice already exists, that it be made more prominent.

    • Jeff StarrJanuary 4, 2016

      Hi Phillip,

      Yes, that is how updates normally work, using WP’s built-in auto-update functionality. But that only can happen if/when your site is able to make outgoing HTTP requests to the site. You can check out the following tutorials that explain how to troubleshoot outgoing requests, if you are interested in doing so; otherwise, it’s fine to just do upgrade manually via the WP Admin Area or (S)FTP.

  4. Brett StottJune 20, 2021

    Hi there, is it possible to send an email alert on USP Pro to the user who’s filled out the form on the front end? So not a admin or specific user of the site but the person filling in the USP Pro form on the front end? The user is not a user of the website but we want for them to receive an email notification.

    Many thanks for your time.


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