USP Pro version 1.5 released! Here is a summary of the changes..

New features!

  • Automatically add new user-specified categories (i.e., categories that don’t yet exist)
  • Create combined post-submission and send-email forms
  • Added new template tag, display_usp_form() for displaying USP Forms in the theme template
  • Added option to include or not any custom fields in email content


  • Increased the option for maximum number of uploaded images from 20 to 99
  • Added fallback functionality for exif_imagetype() to prevent PHP errors
  • Added html_entity_decode() to email message for post approvals, admin alerts, and user alerts — this enables ampersands and other characters to display correctly in email content
  • Added “exclude” parameter to category shortcode and quicktag — enables exclusion of specific categories (overrides global categories)

Squashed bugs!

  • Defined default category-level class in category field to resolve PHP notice
  • Fixed nested shortcodes for [usp_is_submission], [usp_access], [usp_visitor], [usp_member]
  • Fixed: usp_error_post parameter was not being cleared on successful form submission
  • Fixed: custom textarea fields remember their input values
  • Renamed “usp_init” to “usp_pro_init” in usp-pro.php to prevent conflicts with the free version of USP

Additionally, plugin documentation was updated, advanced testing was performed on WP version 3.9-beta2, and of course there was the usual “code check n clean” to make it all good. See the plugin’s readme.txt file for complete Changelog.

Thank you to those who contribute with suggestions and bug reports!

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