USP Pro version 1.7 released with some great new features! Here is a summary of the changes..

The 1.7 update focuses heavily on the email alert system for submitted posts, approvals, and submissions. Email alerts may now include shortcodes for dynamic bits of information like the author name, post title, and more. Other big improvements include customizable error messages, custom taxonomy support, custom post status, and new hidden fields for granular control over form types.

New features!

  • Use hidden field to make any form a submit, register, contact form, or combo form
  • Support for custom taxonomies (custom categories), includes shortcode and quicktag
  • Set submitted posts to “Publish Private” status
  • Set submitted posts to “Publish with Password” status (auto-sends password)
  • Added custom post status for the Posts screen (sort by custom status)
  • Custom email recipients for individual contact forms (via hidden field)
  • Carbon copy emails for admin submission, approval, and denied alerts
  • Shortcodes for email alerts (submitted, approved, denied)
  • Email alerts for submitter and admins when post is approved (published)
  • Email alerts for submitter and admins when post is denied (moved to trash)
  • Contact-form emails may include custom content with dynamic post variables
  • Customize all error messages (visit new “More” settings tab)


  • Post ID now included in return URL query string
  • Post ID now attached to submitted posts as custom field “usp-post-id”
  • Approval email alerts now work for scheduled/future-published posts
  • Contact email includes custom user fields if included in the form (e.g., nicename, firstname, et al)
  • Improved data handling in session variable and post content
  • Streamlined insert_post function for better performance
  • Increased textarea widths in plugin settings
  • Error class added to primary form fields for custom styling
  • Now using wp_generate_password() for user registration passwords
  • Replaced sanitize_text_field() with sanitize_email() for the email field
  • Added width and height to allowed attributes in post content
  • Tweaked the settings description for external stylesheet and JavaScript files
  • Tweaked the inline styles used for the USP Filter button on Trash screen

Squashed bugs!

  • Custom field names now properly recognized for all field types
  • Multiple category select fields now remember values (when enabled)
  • Custom fields now included properly in contact emails (when enabled)
  • The “no mail” setting now includes email alerts (so possible to disable all mail)
  • Custom user fields now may be required or not required (e.g., nicename, firstname, et al)
  • For combo submit/register forms, post was being submitted even when registration fails


Localization files for French language provided by Christophe Glaudel — Thank you!

Additionally, plugin documentation and form demos were updated, further testing was performed on WP version 4.0 (alpha), and of course there was the usual “code check n clean” to make it all good. See the plugin’s readme.txt file for complete Changelog.

Thank you to those who contribute with feature suggestions and bug reports!

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