Plugin update! I’m pleased to announce a new and improved version of the Custom Field Helper for Video. There are several variations of the Helper Plugin, and so this update is for the one that displays submitted video automatically in post content.

Update! The Video Helper plugin is now merged with the Helper plugin for Custom Fields. They are one and the same; so you can display custom fields AND video using the same Helper plugin.</update>

Improvements for version 2.0 of the Custom Field Helper for Video (aka Video Helper Plugin):

  • Now uses video.js player framework for better video display and browser support
  • Features customizable attributes for the video tag
  • Enqueues external resources for video.js and video display
  • Supports more video formats
  • Supports any size video (width and height)
  • Better handling of markup added to post content

The new version definitely is better than ever.

Check out the tutorial and download the video helper plugin »