This is a super quick post about adding more sites to any pro plugin license. There are a few ways to go about increasing the number of sites supported by a pro license. Let’s explore the options..

Addon Sites

Add a site to any license. Or add multiple sites to any license. Here are the prices for add-on sites, for yearly and lifetime licenses:

  • Yearly License — $10/each
  • Lifetime License — $20/each

To purchase an addon site or multiple sites, send us a quick email and we’ll set it up asap.

Addon Terms

Some important terms for each addon site:

  • An existing license is required to purchase an addon site
  • Each addon site must have the same status (Yearly or Lifetime) as the existing license
  • Sales, discounts, and promotional offers not valid for addon sites

Upgrade License

Another way to increase the number of sites supported by your license, is to upgrade to a higher level. For example, if your license is a Personal 1-site license, you can upgrade to any higher level that supports the number of sites you need. You can upgrade from Personal (1 site) to Business (3 sites) or Advanced (10 sites) or even Developer (300 sites). To do it, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Visit your Purchase History
  • In the “License Keys” column, click the link to “View Licenses”
  • In the “Upgrades” column, click the link to “View Upgrades”

From there all available upgrades should be listed. Click on any of upgrade links to be taken directly to checkout.

Note: In some cases for older/expired licenses, there may be no upgrade paths listed. If that happens, and/or if you want an upgrade that isn’t showing, send a quick email and we’ll help set it up asap.

Buy New License

Depending on the number of sites that you need, it may make sense to add more sites by simply purchasing a new license. For example, if your current license supports three sites, and you want to support another three sites, you can purchase a second license and done.

In some cases, depending on the license and number of sites, it can be more cost-effective to buy a new license (compared to addon sites or upgrading). Also note that license keys are unique for each plugin purchase. So if you buy a second plugin license, it will have its own unique license key. Compare that with addon sites or upgrading a license, where the license key will be the same for any newly added sites.

Questions? Comments? Drop us a line anytime, we’re always glad to help :)