“FAQ” post for Frequently Asked (and pre-sales) Questions about Banhammer Pro.

Will this plugin slow down my site?

Nope. Banhammer is super fast because it does all the “heavy lifting” (e.g., Geo/IP lookups) while the admin (you) are viewing logged results via the Armory. So you get mission-critical data without slowing down normal site traffic.

What is the difference between Banhammer, Blackhole, and BBQ?

Great question. Here is a summary:

  • BBQ Pro — Blazing fast firewall that protects against general threats and attacks
  • Banhammer Pro — Enables you to monitor site traffic and ban any suspicious targets
  • Blackhole Pro — Traps and blocks bad bots secretly behind the scenes
Is Banhammer Pro Multisite compatible?

Due to licensing restrictions, Banhammer Pro works on an individual, per-site basis. That means the plugin can be activated on any given site on a Multisite network, but network-wide activation is not supported at this time.

What is the meaning of the different license names?

We offer plugin licenses with names like “Personal”, “Business”, “Advanced”, and “Developer”. These names are arbitrary and have nothing to do with the type of website that the license may be used on. For example, the Personal (1-site) license can be activated on any site, whether personal, business, or otherwise. Likewise, the Business (3-site) license can be activated on any site, whether personal, business, etc. So they’re just names for the licenses, not any sort of limitation.

Do you offer any other security plugins?

Yes, check out BBQ Pro for super-fast WordPress firewall security, and , and Blackhole Pro to trap bad bots in a virtual black hole. I also have a video course on WordPress security, which provides more plugin recommendations and tons of tips and tricks.

How do I ask a question about Banhammer Pro?

To ask a question, log in to your account at Plugin Planet and then visit the Support Forum to post a new topic. Alternately, you may send an email via the contact form.