BBQ Pro is built with technology derived from my 5G/6G Firewall. So I get a lot of questions from users who want to know more about the differences between 5G/6G and BBQ Pro. This post rounds up all those FAQs to help make everyone’s lives a little bit easier.

Note: BBQ (free and pro) now has 7G patterns added to the firewall rules. Eventually 8G rules will be added, etc. Keep that in mind when reading this older post.
What’s the difference between 5G/6G and BBQ Pro?

BBQ Pro is a WordPress plugin, complete with customizable settings, patterns, and more. The 5G/6G firewall, on the other hand, is a static set of Apache directives that can be added via .htaccess or server configuration file. So with BBQ Pro, you get updates, new patterns, custom settings, statistics, and so forth; while with 5G/6G, you get a chunk of code that you add to your .htaccess file (or server configuration file). Also note that BBQ Pro does not require .htaccess — only WordPress is needed to run BBQ Pro.

How much overlap in blocked patterns is there between 5G/6G and BBQ Pro?

There is some overlap in the patterns that are blocked, but each firewall includes some patterns that the other doesn’t. Basically the 5G/6G firewall is meant to be used with .htaccess; BBQ Pro is meant to be used with WordPress. They aren’t exactly the same, but do implement similar rulesets based on the same underlying security technology.

Which is faster, BBQ Pro or 5G/6G via .htaccess?

There is no significant performance difference between using 5G/6G and BBQ Pro. There is a theoretical difference because Apache handles requests at the server layer, but for most cases the measurable difference is negligible. BBQ Pro is super fast and specifically focused on performance. Of course, there are many other factors that may come into play, but strictly comparing 5G/6G and BBQ Pro, they’re pretty much equally fast for all practical purposes.

Can I run BBQ Pro and 5G/6G at the same time?

Yes it’s absolutely fine and even provides some extra protection. Plus, both firewalls are super fast, so running both won’t slow things down. In other words the two firewalls play well together :)

Will BBQ pro be updated with 7G list once it’s released?

Yes, the rules are derived from my extensive research and will be integrated going forward.

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