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GA Pro – Display Opt-Out Box for Visitors

GA Pro makes it easy to display an opt-out box, so your visitors can choose whether or not they want to allow Google Analytics to track their activity. This tutorial explains how to enable the Opt-Out Box feature for GA Pro. For complete documentation and examples, visit the “Help” tab on the plugin settings page. […]

Blackhole Pro – Manually Add Bots and IP Addresses

Blackhole Pro works automatically. Install, activate, and then sit back and relax while Blackhole works its magic and blocks bad bots from ever reaching your site. Whenever a bot disobeys your site’s robots.txt rules and follows the hidden trigger link, they will be banned forever. Or until you release them from the Blackhole. Now that’s […]

Blackhole Pro – Change the Whois Lookup Port and Server

Blackhole Pro traps and blocks bad bots via virtual blackhole. Behind the scenes, Blackhole Pro performs a “whois” lookup to help identify various aspects of the request. For example, each whois lookup returns the user agent, IP address, referrer, and other useful information. By default, whois lookups are provided by via port 43 on […]

GA Pro – Send user IDs

GA Pro is very flexible and supports a wide variety of Google Analytics techniques. In this tutorial, we’re going to configure the plugin to Send User IDs, as explained in the official GA documentation. Estimated time to complete is about 30 seconds :)

SAC Pro – Change Avatar for Default Chat Message

SAC Pro makes it possible to display unlimited chat forms on your WordPress site. For each chat form, there is a default “Welcome” message that is displayed, just like with the free version. Next to the default welcome message is the default username and avatar. The avatar is a simple “SAC Pro” icon. But you […]

SAC Pro – Customize Form Elements

This quick tutorial explains how to customize the various form elements for SAC Pro. By default, each chat form includes form fields with labels like “Name”, “URL”, “Message”, “Submit”, and so forth. The plugin does not provide options to change these default labels, but it is possible to customize by adding a bit of custom […]

BBQ Pro – Allow Access Only from Select IP Address(es)

BBQ Pro provides flexible protection against a wide range of threats. This quick tutorial explains how to set up BBQ Pro so that only select IP addresses are allowed access to your site. So any requests from other IP addresses will be blocked. It’s an effective technique for making any WordPress site private, and it […]

GA Pro – Disable All Tracking Codes Programmatically

GA Pro makes it easy to enable or disable any tracking codes via the plugin settings. This tutorial explains how to disable all tracking codes programmatically, using a custom function. This is useful for developers looking to extend and customize default plugin functionality.

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