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BBQ Pro – Allow Access Only from Select IP Address(es)

BBQ Pro provides flexible protection against a wide range of threats. This quick tutorial explains how to set up BBQ Pro so that only select IP addresses are allowed access to your site. So any requests from other IP addresses will be blocked. It’s an effective technique for making any WordPress site private, and it […]

GA Pro – Disable All Tracking Codes Programmatically

GA Pro makes it easy to enable or disable any tracking codes via the plugin settings. This tutorial explains how to disable all tracking codes programmatically, using a custom function. This is useful for developers looking to extend and customize default plugin functionality.

SAC Pro – Add Chat Form to All Posts

SAC Pro makes it easy to add a chat form to any post or page. Simply add the shortcode [sacpro form_id="123"] and change the form_id to whatever name you prefer. But what about adding a chat form to every post or page? Depending on the number of posts, it could take a lot of time […]

SAC Pro – Automatically Reset Guest Users via Cron

SAC Pro includes a “Reset Users” option to reset all guest user names. It’s located under the General tab as a link that says “Reset the chat user-name cache”. Click it, and all stored usernames will be cleared from the database. This is useful especially if your site has a lot of people chatting, or […]

USP Pro – Customize the Login/Register Form

USP Pro makes it easy to display a simple login/register form anywhere on your site. That way visitors can log in via the sidebar or on any post or page. By default, the login/register form does not include any options for customizing things. So this quick tutorial is for anyone who may need to modify […]

USP Pro – Block IP Addresses

USP Pro provides settings and features to help prevent spam and other potential abuse. For example, you can configure a list of forbidden words and phrases that are not allowed in submitted posts. To stop spam, you can add a challenge question or Google reCaptcha to any USP Pro Form. And now, as of USP […]

USP Pro – Customize Headers for Email Alerts

USP Pro provides robust options for Email Alerts (email notifications). For most users, the plugin settings provide everything needed for customizing and dialing in the perfect set of alerts. If necessary, it’s also possible to go beyond the settings and further customize things like email headers and other details. This tutorial explains how to make […]

SAC Pro – Display Number of Chat Messages

SAC Pro provides a shortcode to display the current number of chat messages for any chat room. This quick tutorial explains how it works..

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