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USP Pro – Block IP Addresses

USP Pro provides settings and features to help prevent spam and other potential abuse. For example, you can configure a list of forbidden words and phrases that are not allowed in submitted posts. To stop spam, you can add a challenge question or Google reCaptcha to any USP Pro Form. And now, as of USP […]

USP Pro – Customize Headers for Email Alerts

USP Pro provides robust options for Email Alerts (email notifications). For most users, the plugin settings provide everything needed for customizing and dialing in the perfect set of alerts. If necessary, it’s also possible to go beyond the settings and further customize things like email headers and other details. This tutorial explains how to make […]

SAC Pro – Display Number of Chat Messages

SAC Pro provides a shortcode to display the current number of chat messages for any chat room. This quick tutorial explains how it works..

BBQ Pro – How to Resolve False Positives

One of the benefits of BBQ Pro over the free version, is that all of the firewall patterns are easily enabled or disabled via the plugin settings. So any pattern that is causing an issue can be disabled with a couple of clicks. This makes it possible to resolve any false positive blocking that may […]

USP Pro – Add Post Content Field

USP Pro makes it easy to add a “Post Content” field to any USP Pro Form. This guide shows how to do it with a click, and also explains how to customize the content field with custom attributes, markup, and text.

SAC Pro – Style Chat Names and Roles

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) provides chat themes to control the look and feel of chat rooms. This article explains how to go beyond the themes and apply your own CSS styles to customize the look and feel of each form. In this specific tutorial, we’ll use CSS to style chat usernames based on […]

SAC Pro – Export Chats as CSV File

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) makes it easy to export chat data in CSV format. The export file contains all of the information provided on the Manage screen, including User ID, User Role, Chat Message, IP Address, User Agent, and more. This quick tutorial shows how it’s done.

SAC Pro – Manage Chat Messages

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) provides advanced tools to manage chat messages, edit chats, delete chats, export CSV files, and delete chat tables from the database. You can also access user data and mute or ban chat users with a click. Basically every aspect of your chats can be managed via the SAC Pro […]

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