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GA Pro – Enable GA4 and Universal Tracking

Quick tutorial for GA Pro. Google has deprecated Universal tracking in favor of its new GA4 tracking. To help with switching over, you can enable both GA4 and Universal tracking on the same site. This tutorial explains how to do it in a few minutes.

BBQ Pro – Disable and Remove Firewall Patterns

BBQ Pro makes it easy to customize your firewall rules exactly as needed. While doing so, you may want to disable and remove certain patterns to suit your site’s traffic and security goals. This super quick tutorial explains how to disable and remove any firewall pattern with a few clicks.

USP Pro – Import and Export Plugin Settings

USP Pro ships with a lot of options. To help manage things, the USP Pro provides tools to import and export all plugin settings with a click. That way if anything unexpected happens and you need to restore your configuration, it’s simply a matter of uploading your export file. This quick tutorial explains how to […]

USP Pro – Disable Plugin Activity on the Dashboard

By default, USP Pro adds two items to the WordPress Dashboard: the submitted-posts widget and some “At a Glance” items. This quick tutorial explains how (and why) to disable either (or both) of the dashboard items with a few lines of code.

USP Pro – Best Practice for Deleting Form Demos

Super quick post today. When working with USP Pro, make sure to empty the trash immediately after deleting any USP Form Demos. This is especially important if the plugin setting, “Auto-Generate Form Demos” (located under the Advanced tab), is enabled. When that setting is enabled, it is important to empty the trash after deleting any […]

BBQ Pro – Customize IP Detection

BBQ Pro makes it possible to customize how IP addresses are detected in the plugin. This quick tutorial explains how to make it happen with a bit of custom code.

BBQ Pro – Block Empty User Agents

BBQ Pro makes it easy to block requests reporting an empty or blank user agent. This 5-second tutorial shows how to enable easily with a click.

BBQ Pro – Customize the Blocked Message

BBQ Pro makes it possible to customize the response for blocked requests. This quick tutorial explains how to do it via the plugin settings.

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