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USP Pro – Customize the Login/Register Form

USP Pro makes it easy to display a simple login/register form anywhere on your site. That way visitors can log in via the sidebar or on any post or page. By default, the login/register form does not include any options for customizing things. So this quick tutorial is for anyone who may need to modify […]

USP Pro – Block IP Addresses

USP Pro provides settings and features to help prevent spam and other potential abuse. For example, you can configure a list of forbidden words and phrases that are not allowed in submitted posts. To stop spam, you can add a challenge question or Google reCaptcha to any USP Pro Form. And now, as of USP […]

USP Pro – Customize Headers for Email Alerts

USP Pro provides robust options for Email Alerts (email notifications). For most users, the plugin settings provide everything needed for customizing and dialing in the perfect set of alerts. If necessary, it’s also possible to go beyond the settings and further customize things like email headers and other details. This tutorial explains how to make […]

USP Pro – Add Post Content Field

USP Pro makes it easy to add a “Post Content” field to any USP Pro Form. This guide shows how to do it with a click, and also explains how to customize the content field with custom attributes, markup, and text.

USP Pro – Import and Export Plugin Settings

USP Pro ships with a lot of options. To help manage things, the USP Pro provides tools to import and export all plugin settings with a click. That way if anything unexpected happens and you need to restore your configuration, it’s simply a matter of uploading your export file. This quick tutorial explains how to […]

USP Pro – Disable Plugin Activity on the Dashboard

By default, USP Pro adds two items to the WordPress Dashboard: the submitted-posts widget and some “At a Glance” items. This quick tutorial explains how (and why) to disable either (or both) of the dashboard items with a few lines of code.

USP Pro – Best Practice for Deleting Form Demos

Super quick post today. When working with USP Pro, make sure to empty the trash immediately after deleting any USP Form Demos. This is especially important if the plugin setting, “Auto-Generate Form Demos” (located under the Advanced tab), is enabled. When that setting is enabled, it is important to empty the trash after deleting any […]

USP Pro – Tips & Tricks

Here is a somewhat esoteric yet useful collection of notes, tips and tricks for working with USP Pro.

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