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“FAQ” post for Frequently Asked (and presales) Questions about USP Pro.

Is USP Pro MultiSite compatible?

USP Pro is not officially tested on MultiSite, but there are plans for support in a future version.

How many front-end forms can I create/use?

As many as you want, create unlimited forms :)

Why I should get USP Pro instead of the competition? They all seem similar..

There are many reasons why you should choose USP Pro over the others, including:

  • Customer Support — we have the BEST customer support, as you can verify from these user testimonials.
  • Cost Effectiveness — the license for USP Pro is for the life of the plugin, so you don’t have to fork out more cash every year to stay current and get support.
  • Power, Performance & Flexibility — USP Pro is very powerful, and aimed at WP users who are familiar with basics, such as Template Tags, Shortcodes, Custom Fields, and so forth. If that sounds like you, then I think you will find USP Pro extremely flexible, enabling you to build just about anything.
If I am using the Pro version of USP, do I also need the free version, or can I delete it?

Correct, you don’t need the free version if Pro is installed. In fact there is a complete replica of the free USP Form available under the “USP Forms” menu. It is recommended to not run both free and Pro on the same site. The Pro version can do everything the free version can do, plus a zillion times more.

Is there a way to display a list of all user-generated posts?

Yes, there is a highly flexible shortcode that will display a customizable list of submitted posts anywhere on your site.

Can I test on a development site and then transfer to a live domain?

Yes. The license is restricted by number of domains only, so you are free to move the plugin from one domain to another with no problem. The key to a smooth transition is making sure to properly deactivate the plugin before transfer and activation on another site.

If I purchase USP Pro with a personal license to test it out, can I pay the difference to get the developer license if I like it?

Yes. Let us know and we’ll be glad to help upgrade your license.

With USP Pro is it possible to submit custom post types?

Yes. USP Pro enables you to set submitted posts as: Posts, Pages, USP Posts (built-in custom post type), or your own custom post type.

I’m new at WordPress. Will you help me configure and implement the plugin?

Depends. Purchase of USP Pro Personal, Business, or Developer license entitles you to basic support, which includes forum access, documentation, and tutorials. I or someone of the team will try and help with any questions or issues that you may have, but it’s up to you to configure and implement the plugin.

Otherwise, purchase of USP Pro Ultimate license gives you full supoort, including whatever help is needed: installation, configuration, styling forms, and so forth. For more details check out the Puchase Info.

Is there possibility to display the guest posts as preview cards (similar to Pinterest or Behance)? Like when approved, every guest post will have a preview card in the guest page.

Yes. USP Pro will enable users to submit any data that is required. The guest posts and attached info (e.g., images, video, custom fields, etc.) will then be available for use anywhere in your theme template. This means that you can display the guests posts and attached info any way required by using template tags and shortcodes. Of course, making them look like Pinterest or whatever is entirely up to you.

With USP Pro is it possible to enable users to upload PDF/MP3/DOCX/EXE/MOV/MP4/ETC files?

Yes, USP Pro enables you to specify which file types should be allowed for uploads (as comma-separated list). You can then further restrict file types on a per-form basis using the files shortcode. USP supports any file types that are supported by WordPress, which includes PDFs, DOCs, ZIPs, plus audio, video, and many other types of files. For a complete list of allowed file types, visit the WP Codex. See also this post.

Can I combine regular HTML markup with the USP shortcodes to create my form?

Yes, any USP Form may include anything that a normal WP Post can include: markup, shortcodes, text, images, CSS, JS, etc.

I was wondering if you can auto-fill some posts with the same things every time so that when users come in to submit content thru the front end, there are some things already there for them.

Yes, you could set up form(s) to collect whatever info is needed, and then edit your theme template to include any other information.

Is it possible to require the user to choose from a custom list of categories and/or tags for their post?

Yes, it is possible for users to select from a list of categories, tags, and make it required to do so.

I need a submission form that users only can use when registered. Does the Pro version of the plugin provide this feature?

Yes there are numerous shortcodes and template tags that can require user logged in before the form is displayed. Check out this example, easy peasy.

Is USP PRO able to integrate with BuddyPress in a way that would allow me to build a post-submission form that lets BuddyPress site members submit blog posts, and have those posts be linked to their profile/username?

Yes absolutely, that is what the plugin is all about. You can use template tags to enable forms for specific categories/tags, and then collect all user data that is necessary, such as author name, post title, categories, tags, and unlimited custom field data. There is an option to use the logged-in username as the post author, so that any posts submitted will be attributed to that author.

With the pro version of USP can you create different forms with a different category that it submits to each time. For example, on one page I want a form to submit to one category, but on another page I want the form to submit to another category.

Yes, USP Pro supports unlimited forms, and each form may be customized however is needed, with specific categories assigned to each. First you would select a global set of categories that could be used for any form. Then for each form you use a category shortcode that indicates exactly which categories the post/page will go to.

Can you embed the form into a WordPress page with HTML rather than a shortcode?

Yes. The best/easiest way of doing so is to create the form using the USP Form Builder, then preview the form and copy its HTML source code. The entire <form> code may then be used on any post/page.

Does USP Pro have the ability to add Custom Fields?

Yep, forms may be created to collect any information that is required; then upon form submission the additional fields are attached to the post as custom fields. The custom field keys are named a specific way (e.g., usp-file-1), but the values may include any information that you want to collect from the submitter.

Is the price a one-time purchase? Or is this a yearly fee?

One-time purchase. None of that yearly licensing stuff.

Is there a trial version of USP Pro?

Not yet, but there is a free version available from the WP Plugin Directory, User Submitted Posts. The Pro version is infinitely times better than the free version, but the free version will give you a basic idea.

Is it possible to let users add their own categories and tags?

Yes, see this tutorial.

Is it possible to auto-fill some of the form data?

Yes, you can use text, markup, and shortcodes to create exactly the forms that are needed. In doing so, you can include hidden fields that are pre-populated with the auto-fill data. Here is an example. Further, there are built-in settings for automatically including specific categories, tags, and more.

Does USP Pro require anything like exec(), exec.php, or any fopen functions? These functions have been disabled on our host server for security reasons, so I want to make sure.

No, USP Pro does not use any of those functions. So you’re good to go.

How do I use the example templates for Custom Post Types (CPTs)?

In order to display any Custom Post Type (CPT), your theme must provide the proper templates. To help with this, USP Pro provides a couple of example CPT templates that may be added to your theme. They are located in the plugin’s /templates/ directory:

  • /templates/single-usp_post.php
  • /templates/archive-usp_post.php

So you can copy these templates and paste them into the root directory of your current theme (or child theme). Specifically, these CPT templates are for displaying the built-in “USP Post” CPT. They are very minimal and meant only to help get you started with displaying CPTs on the frontend.

Note: If you still do not see the USP Post CPT on the frontend after adding these templates, try visiting your site’s “Permalink” settings (in the WP Admin Area), and clicking “Save Changes” (without making any actual changes); that is a recommended fix for an old well-known WordPress bug.

How do I display the submitted image for each post on the “Posts” screen in the Admin Area?

This is not an included feature of USP Pro, but there is a plugin called “Admin Columns” that can help. Basically, you install the plugin and then tell it to display the name of the custom field for your submitted image.

Where can I learn more and ask specific questions?

Many USP Pro features are listed in the following locations, along with plenty of screenshots:

That’s a great place to get a better idea, or if there is something specific feature-wise you are curious about, just use the contact form :)