Here is a quick example of a form that allows users to quickly submit images along with their name.

To display a USP Form that allows users to submit only a name and some images, create a new USP Form and add the following:

[usp_files multiple="true" method="select"]

<input name="usp-title" type="hidden" value="User Submitted Title">
<input name="usp-content" type="hidden" value="User Submitted Content">

The first shortcode displays the Name field. The second shortcode displays the Files field with image previews and multiple files selectable by the user. Check out more details about shortcode attributes.

So far that is all straightforward. The real “trick” here is how we are handling the Title and Content for the submitted images. Hidden fields may be added to any USP Form to specify names, titles, tags, categories, and any other information that is required. At minimum, WP Posts require a title and content, so we add them with hidden fields, enabling users to just focus on uploading awesome images to your website.