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In this tutorial, you will see how stupidly easy it is to make any USP Form a Post-submission form.

We’ve already seen how to make any USP Form a contact form or registration form, so now let’s see how to make any form a Post-submission form.

Step 1: Set up your form with any desired fields. To make it a Post, the following fields must be included in the form:


Pro Tip: If you want to use a default name or title for all posts submitted through the form, visit the More settings and check out the options for “Default Form Fields”. You can also use hidden fields for specifying default values, but I digress.

Step 2: Once the form includes at least those three required fields, you’re done. View the form on the front-end and see how it works by submitting a few test posts.


All USP Forms are, by default, post-submission forms. As long as you don’t include any hidden fields that would make it some other type of form, like a contact or registration form, you’re good to go. Note that you can see a live example of a post-submission form by checking out the “USP Form Demo” under the USP Forms menu.

Combo Forms:

You can also make combo forms by adding the following hidden field to any form:

<input name="usp-is-post-submit" value="1" type="hidden" />

So for example, this hidden field could be added to a registration form or contact form to enable it also to submit posts. See the tutorials linked below for more information.