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Front-end post editing is easy breezy with USP Pro. This quick post explains how to make it happen.

Front-end editing means that logged-in users will be able to edit their posts directly on the frontend, without having to see any part of the WP Admin Area. It’s slick stuff, and drop-dead easy to implement.

Enable frontend editing

USP Pro focuses on front-end post-submission. After posts are submitted, they are treated just like any other WordPress post. So you can use any plugins that are necessary for other post-related functionality. Like front-end editing for example. I’ve tested the following front-end editor plugins and they seem to work great with USP Pro and any default WP theme (results may vary for other themes):

  • Click to Change — Super simple front-end post editor, enables editing of Post Title and Post Content. No settings page, just works out of the box.
  • Tinder Editor — this plugin works in some themes but not others. Needs more work but could do the job depending on your theme. Works a little differently, displays the “edit” link on the WP Toolbar. Update: this plugin has been removed from the WP Directory, but is still available at Github.
  • WP Quick FrontEnd Editor — This plugin works when the Edit button position is set to “On Toolbar” (via the plugin settings). Then it enables editing of Post Title, Post Content, and other fields. Also enables media adding/editing/removing of Featured Images from the front-end.
  • Front-end Editor — This plugin is one of the best, very simple and effective plugin for enabling front-end post editing. Lots of useful features like autosave, shortcuts, contextual tools, “Add Media” button, and Featured Images.
  • Front End Editor — More advanced front-end editing that includes all Post fields and lots of other fields (like comments, categories, widgets, et al). You control which fields are editable via the plugin settings.
  • Editus — I have not yet tested this one, but it looks very promising. It is not hosted at the WP Plugin Directory, nor is it free. But it was recommended by a user, so I am including it here for your information. Maybe something worth checking out.

Just install/activate any of these plugins to enable users to edit their own posts on the front-end. Most of these plugins are very easy to use out of the box. There probably are other front-end editing plugins available, and they also should work 100% fine with USP Pro. Also you may want to check the WP Plugin Directory for additional/new options.