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USP Pro includes an option to override the default Post Author with the name of the person who submitted the post. This post is a quick summary of the WordPress functions that are affected by this option.

The Replace Author setting enables you to “Always use the submitted author name, regardless of any other settings. When including the “Name” field on a USP Form, enable this setting to always use it as the Post Author. Example usage: when user-registration is disabled, this setting enables the user to specify their own author name. Tip: if also including the URL field on a USP Form, it will be automatically used for author archive and other links.”

Replace Author is located in the General settings under “User Settings”.

When enabled, this setting overrides the following functions/tags:


  • the_author_meta('display_name');
  • get_the_author_meta();
  • get_the_author();
  • the_author();


  • get_author_posts_url(get_the_author_meta('ID'));
  • get_the_author_meta('user_url');
  • the_author_meta('user_url');

Both: Author and URL

  • the_author_posts_link();
  • get_the_author_link();
  • the_author_link();

Moral of the story: if your theme uses any of these standard WP tags to display Author/URL in the Post Loop, their output will be replaced with submitted values (when Replace Author is enabled).