Good news! Plugin Planet now accepts payments via credit card without PayPal. This is useful for people who live a country or region where PayPal is blocked due to restrictions or regulations. Direct Payments are also great for anyone who would rather avoid PayPal for whatever reason (there are many!).

To make a direct payment with any major credit card, visit the Direct Purchase Page. There you will find options to purchase available plugins and items. To do so, simply enter your email and click “Buy Now”. You will then be taken to an offsite secure server (HTTPS/SSL) to complete your purchase. Upon successful transaction, you will then be returned to the site, where you can make note of your Invoice ID.

Important: As explained on the Direct Purchase Page, direct credit-card transactions must be processed manually, so please be patient while we set up your account and send your login information. To help expedite the process, send us a quick email after purchase with your Invoice ID and we’ll get things setup asap.

Please let us know of any questions or issues regarding the new direct-payment system. It’s a work in progress, but we think it’s a beneficial option to have available. Cheers!