USP Pro lets you create customized front-end submission forms for post content, user registration, contact forms, and much more. The default plugin settings are optimized for quick implementation, and provide options to help you configure and customize just about everything. Here is a quick guide to help you get started.

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

The video tutorial “shows” it best, but here also is a written tutorial for those who prefer reading ;)

Before you begin

USP Pro is very powerful and provides a lot of settings to help you fine-tune virtually every aspect of your frontend forms. Before diving in and modifying any settings, try one of the USP Form Demos (located under the “USP Forms” menu). The demo forms are pre-built and ready to go. They will give you a good idea of how things work before you begin customizing and building forms as desired.

After checking out some demo forms, try the following steps to display a form on the frontend of your site. Then once you understand the basics, go ahead and adjust any settings as needed. In other words, USP Pro works great right out of the box using the default settings.

So basically, try to stay out of the plugin settings at first, until you are familiar with how the demo forms work (submitting content, etc.). Then after you are familiar with how forms work, you can visit the settings to customize any of the default functionality as desired.

Installing USP Pro

Here is documentation to help you download, install, and activate USP Pro:

Check out the complete guide to installing USP Pro »

Display a USP Form

To display a published USP Pro Form:

  1. From the WP menu, visit “USP Forms”
  2. From the “Shortcodes” column, copy the shortcode of the form you would like to display
  3. Add the shortcode to any Post or Page to display the form

Check out a complete tutorial on displaying USP Pro Forms »

Create a new USP Form

To create a new USP Pro Form:

  1. From the WP menu, visit “USP Forms”
  2. At the top of the page, click the “Add New” button
  3. Give the form a title and then use the shortcode quicklinks to add some input fields
  4. Once the form is complete, preview and then publish just like a regular WP post
  5. Once your new form is published, follow the steps above to add the form to any post or page

Check out a complete tutorial on creating USP Pro Forms »

Recommended resources

Highly recommended reading for USP Pro:

Also be sure to check out the “Starter” form demo, included in USP Pro version 2.3 and better (visit USP Forms ▸ “Starter Form Demo”). It contains working examples of all form fields along with descriptions and useful notes.

Going further

Here are some good resources for going further with USP Pro:

Need help? Visit our Support Page »