“FAQ” post for Frequently Asked (and pre-sales) Questions about Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro).

Will this plugin slow down my site?

SAC Pro is designed to be super lightweight and fast, so it won’t slow down your site. It’s built with the WordPress API for optimal functionality, performance, and security.

What is the difference between free version and pro?

In a nutshell, pro can do everything that free can do, Plus it provides many additional features, like unlimited forms, private chat rooms, Google reCaptcha, user avatars, and more. For a complete breakdown, check out the SAC Pro homepage.

Is SAC Pro Multisite compatible?

Due to licensing restrictions, SAC Pro works on an individual, per-site basis. That means the plugin can be activated on any given site on a Multisite network, but network-wide activation is not supported at this time.

How many chat forms can I add to my site?

SAC Pro enables you to add as many chat forms as you would like. Unlimited chats!

What is the concurrent active user limit?

Like the free version of the plugin, SAC Pro places no limits on number of concurrent chat users. It all depends on your server capabilities as to what the site can handle (think memory, processing, bandwidth, etc.). I’ve heard reports of thousands of users on the same chat simultaneously. Also just FYI, the pro version enables limits on maximum number of users for any chat room.

Can I add more than one chat box per page?

No, it is not possible to run multiple chat forms on the same page. So limited to only one chat form per post or page.

What about anti-spam and security?

SAC Pro provides super strong security and anti-spam protection. Pro chat forms are designed to stop automated spam. All sensitive form data is encrypted and processed only with a unique secret key. You can also enable invisible Google reCaptcha with a click, to tighten things up even further. Bigger picture: the author of SAC Pro brings 15 years of WordPress security and plugin development experience. Security and performance are always top focus. Check out the next FAQ for more security features.

What moderation tools are provided by the plugin?

For moderation, you can define a list of phrases to block in chat messages and chat names. Plus you can choose how to handle chats that contain blocked phrases, either remove the blocked phrase or block the entire chat message.

SAC Pro also provides settings to control links, images, markups, emojis, special characters and more, whether to allow in chats. Here is a screenshot showing the Security settings to give you a better idea.

Also: on the Manage screen, you can ban and mute users with a click. Check out more screenshots of SAC Pro settings.

Does SAC Pro require jQuery?

Default functionality does NOT require jQuery. If enabled, however, the Emoji Picker does require jQuery. Everything else is written in strict vanilla JavaScript, and kept as lightweight/minimal as possible.

Does SAC Pro work without JavaScript?

Yes, when JavaScript is not available on the user’s browser, SAC Pro provides basic chat functionality. Like, very basic. The user experience is not as great when JavaScript is not enabled in the browser.

How to display a chat form via my theme template?

To display a chat form via your theme template, use do_shortcode(). For example:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[sacpro form_id="123"]'); ?>
What is the meaning of the different license names?

We offer plugin licenses with names like “Personal”, “Business”, “Advanced”, and “Developer”. These names are arbitrary and have nothing to do with the type of website that the license may be used on. For example, the Personal (1-site) license can be activated on any site, whether personal, business, or otherwise. Likewise, the Business (3-site) license can be activated on any site, whether personal, business, etc. So they’re just names for the licenses, not any sort of limitation.

How many users can SAC Pro handle at the same time?

It depends mostly on server capabilities (e.g., CPU and memory). SAC Pro is built using WordPress core functionality, so for the most part it can handle anything that WordPress can handle. That in mind, SAC Pro does interact with the database for each chat message. And while the plugin strives to optimize all database interactions, they still require some server resources. So the more users, the more resources are required from the server. If any doubts, feel free to send us your server specifications and we’ll try to provide a better idea of how many concurrent users, etc.

How do I ask a question about SAC Pro?

To ask a question, log in to your account at Plugin Planet and then visit the Support Forum to post a new topic. Alternately to contact privately, you can reach us anytime via contact form.