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SAC Pro – Export Chats as CSV File

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) makes it easy to export chat data in CSV format. The export file contains all of the information provided on the Manage screen, including User ID, User Role, Chat Message, IP Address, User Agent, and more. This quick tutorial shows how it’s done.

SAC Pro – Manage Chat Messages

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) provides advanced tools to manage chat messages, edit chats, delete chats, export CSV files, and delete chat tables from the database. You can also access user data and mute or ban chat users with a click. Basically every aspect of your chats can be managed via the SAC Pro […]

SAC Pro – Mute and Ban Users

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) provides a robust chat-management screen where you can edit and delete chat messages, export CSV files, and ban and mute chat users. Banning and/or muting users enables you to control activity in your chat rooms. This quick guide shows how to do it.

SAC Pro – Define Custom Chat Shortcuts

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) supports custom chat shortcuts, also referred to as !bang shortcuts. Chat shortcuts are bits of text that users can enter to get an automatic, predefined chat response, like an auto-reply. For example, if a user enters !help they will get a chat reply with a help message. Chat shortcuts […]

SAC Pro – Enable Google reCaptcha

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) provides strong anti-spam security and ways to control chat content. Every chat message is encrypted with a secret private key. This helps to stop a wide range of automated spam. And for even more protection, you can enable Google reCaptcha v3. reCaptcha v3 requires no action from the user, […]

SAC Pro – Control Chat Content

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) gives you fine-grained control over allowed chat content. You can choose to allow (or not allow) images, links, markup, and much more. Of course, just like the free version of SAC, you can define lists of words and phrases that are never allowed in chat messages and user names. […]

SAC Pro – Disable Collection of Sensitive Data

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) collects voluntary user chat data (i.e., Name, Chat Message, and optional URL). It also gives the administrator the option to collect (or not collect) sensitive user data like IP address, host name, and so forth. When data collection is disabled, the only user data stored by this plugin are […]

SAC Pro – Enable Sound Alerts

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) provides sound or audio alerts for new chat messages. So whenever someone leaves a chat, a short sound alert is played. This guide shows how to enable it globally, for all chat forms. Choose from six unique sound effects or add your own.

SAC Pro – Enable Browser Notifications

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) provides options to configure browser notifications (alerts). Browser notifications can be useful when chatting while multitasking, so you can keep an eye on chats while working on other things. This tutorial shows you how to set it up.

SAC Pro – Add Custom Content

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) provides several settings that make it possible to add custom content to display before and/or after the chat form. Also provides settings to add your own JavaScript and CSS styles. This tutorial shows how to do it easily.

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