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Pro Plugins – How to Roll Back to Previous Version

Plugin Planet plugins are designed to work flawlessly. Sometimes though, bugs happen. If the bug is serious, we will try to resolve it quickly. In some cases, it may be necessary to roll back to a previous version of the plugin. This quick guide shows how to do it in a few steps.

SAC Pro – Change Avatar for Default Chat Message

SAC Pro makes it possible to display unlimited chat forms on your WordPress site. For each chat form, there is a default “Welcome” message that is displayed, just like with the free version. Next to the default welcome message is the default username and avatar. The avatar is a simple “SAC Pro” icon. But you […]

SAC Pro – Customize Form Elements

This quick tutorial explains how to customize the various form elements for SAC Pro. By default, each chat form includes form fields with labels like “Name”, “URL”, “Message”, “Submit”, and so forth. The plugin does not provide options to change these default labels, but it is possible to customize by adding a bit of custom […]

How to Fix the “Download Failed” Error for Plugin Updates

This post explains why downloads can fail when trying to upgrade a plugin using WordPress 1-click automatic updates. It also provides a list of common reasons and possible solutions. For example, you are in the WP Admin Area and click to upgrade any plugin. Usually everything goes fine, but once in a while the upgrade […]

SAC Pro – Add Chat Form to All Posts

SAC Pro makes it easy to add a chat form to any post or page. Simply add the shortcode [sacpro form_id="123"] and change the form_id to whatever name you prefer. But what about adding a chat form to every post or page? Depending on the number of posts, it could take a lot of time […]

SAC Pro – Automatically Reset Guest Users via Cron

SAC Pro includes a “Reset Users” option to reset all guest user names. It’s located under the General tab as a link that says “Reset the chat user-name cache”. Click it, and all stored usernames will be cleared from the database. This is useful especially if your site has a lot of people chatting, or […]

SAC Pro – Display Number of Chat Messages

SAC Pro provides a shortcode to display the current number of chat messages for any chat room. This quick tutorial explains how it works..

SAC Pro – Style Chat Names and Roles

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) provides chat themes to control the look and feel of chat rooms. This article explains how to go beyond the themes and apply your own CSS styles to customize the look and feel of each form. In this specific tutorial, we’ll use CSS to style chat usernames based on […]

How to Remove a Pro Plugin

Quick tutorial explaining the correct way to remove any of our Pro WordPress plugins. The process is identical to the usual way of removing any WordPress plugin, only with one extra step. Works for any plugin license.

SAC Pro – Export Chats as CSV File

Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) makes it easy to export chat data in CSV format. The export file contains all of the information provided on the Manage screen, including User ID, User Role, Chat Message, IP Address, User Agent, and more. This quick tutorial shows how it’s done.

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