Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) enables you to add and customize unlimited forms on your WordPress-powered site. This quick tutorial explains how to make it happen.

Add a chat form

To add a chat form, add the SAC Pro shortcode to any post or page (or add via theme template):

[sacpro form_id="MyNewChat"]

Save changes and done!

Notice the form ID, MyNewChat. You can change that to any alphanumeric string. Learn more about adding chat forms »


The SAC Pro shortcode can be customized by adding attributes, for example:

[sacpro form_id="MyNewChat" chat_order="asc"]

With the chat_order attribute, SAC Pro will display the chat messages in ascending order. Learn more about customizing chat forms »

Tip: There are many attributes for customizing any chat form. Check out the SAC Pro shortcode guide for complete information.