Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) enables you to add Ajax-powered chat forms anywhere on your site. Whereas the free version of SAC provides only one (awesome) chat form, the pro version gives you unlimited chat forms, as many as you want. Each form may be customized with its own unique styles and features, so you can create the perfect chat forums for your visitors.


First remove the free version of Simple Ajax Chat, if installed. Then install the pro version and activate the license. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing SAC Pro. For help with installing WordPress plugins in general, check out the installing plugins guide at

Note: SAC Pro includes complete inline documentation. Click the Help tab on the plugin settings page to get started.


Usage is simple. To display a chat form:

  1. Add the shortcode [sacpro form_id="123"] to any post or page
  2. Visit the post or page on the front end
  3. Done!

Note that you can change the form_id attribute to any alphanumeric value. So for example, you can do like:

[sacpro form_id="store"]   // create a form to display on the store page
[sacpro form_id="contact"] // create a form that displays on the contact page
[sacpro form_id="home"]    // create a form that displays on the home page

That way, you can add unique chat forms wherever necessary. A few important points:

  • SAC Pro supports only ONE chat form per page
  • The form_id attribute is required for each [sacpro] shortcode
  • The form_id attribute can be any combination of alphanumeric characters
Reminder: SAC Pro includes complete inline documentation. Click the Help tab on the plugin settings page to get started.
Tip: you can use the [sacpro_online] shortcode to display a list of current chat users.


To customize forms, you can add attributes to each [sacpro] shortcode. For example, say we want to reverse the chat order, limit to 10 users, and set the theme to “Micro”. To do it, we add a few attributes to the [sacpro] shortcode, like so:

[sacpro form_id="123" chat_order="desc" max_users="10" chat_theme="micro"]

There are many attributes available for customizing the [sacpro] shortcode, check out the SAC Pro Shortcodes for more information.

Tip: For more in-depth information about customizing SAC Pro shortcodes, visit the SAC Pro Introduction.

Documentation & Help

SAC Pro includes complete inline documentation via the Help tab, located on the plugin settings page. At any time you can click the Help button for additional information and tips. Additionally, you can find documentation and tutorials here at Plugin Planet. Here are some quick links to important SAC Pro resources:

If you have questions or need help, log in and head over to the Support Forum. Or feel free to send an email for direct support.

Tip: SAC Pro Docs are a work in progress; check back for latest information, or grab the SAC Pro Feed to stay current.