Plugin Planet plugins are designed to work flawlessly. Sometimes though, bugs happen. If the bug is serious, we will try to resolve it quickly. In some cases, it may be necessary to roll back to a previous version of the plugin. This quick guide shows how to do it in a few steps.

Important: Before performing a rollback, make sure to read the Tips below.


To roll back to a previous version of any pro plugin:

  1. First, contact us and let us know which version you need
  2. Backup your database, just in case something unexpected happens
  3. Next, remove the current version of the plugin, either via (S)FTP or via the Plugins screen in the WP Admin Area
  4. Lastly, upload/install the previous (rollback) version, either via (S)FTP or Plugins screen

Done. Make sure you test some forms to make sure everything went according to plan.


Some of our pro plugins, such as USP Pro, provide a “backup settings” feature that makes it easy to export a copy of your plugin settings. For plugins without a backup feature, just backing up the entire database is a good alternative.

Some of our pro plugins, such as BBQ Pro, provide a “reset options” feature that makes it possible to reset the plugin’s default settings. Make sure this option is not enabled before rolling back. For example, in BBQ Pro under the “Tools” tab, there is an option to “Restore Default Settings”; make sure that option is not enabled before proceeding.

When you contact us for a previous version of a plugin, make sure that your email account/provider allows ZIP files. Because that is how WordPress plugins are packaged, compressed in .zip file format. So to receive previous versions via email, your email account must allow ZIP files to be attached to the reply. For example, Google’s Gmail does not allow ZIP files. Likewise with other 3rd-party email providers. So make sure your email can receive ZIP files and you’re good to go.

Pro Tip: Still using 3rd-party services like Yahoo! and Microsoft for email? Check out this article to learn a better way of doing it.