Quick tutorial explaining the correct way to remove any of our Pro WordPress plugins. The process is identical to the usual way of removing any WordPress plugin, only with one extra step. Works for any plugin license.

Tip: To view your License Key at any time, log in to your account at Plugin Planet.

How to remove a pro plugin

To remove (uninstall) any one of our pro plugins, follow these steps.

Note: always have a good working backup of your database and files before making any changes to your site (just in case anything unexpected or weird happens, you can restore from backup asap).

  1. Visit the plugin License screen and deactivate the license
  2. Visit the WordPress Plugins screen and click “Deactivate” next to the plugin
  3. Still on the Plugins screen, click “Delete” next to the plugin


Tip: To re-install the plugin, follow this guide.

In the WordPress world, plugins vary on which data are removed from the database when the plugin is uninstalled. Good plugins remove all options from the database, but usually do not remove any added posts or pages. The reasoning is that any added content is, well, content and thus should not be deleted. So for any plugins that involve adding posts or other data, plugins should leave it for the administrator to decide.

Examples from our plugins:

  • USP Pro (User Submitted Posts) – Does not remove any user submitted posts when the plugin is removed.
  • SAC Pro (Simple Ajax Chat) – Does not remove any chat messages when the plugin is removed.

Best advice is to read the plugin documentation for details about which data are removed on uninstall. All of our plugins include this information in the online documentation, and also in the readme.txt file, located in the plugin’s root directory.

If you have any questions, please send them via our contact form. We’re always glad to help.