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tuts + bbq-pro

Quick tip for BBQ Pro users. You may have heard about the various ways that bad actors can attack the WordPress xmlrpc.php file. Here are a couple of examples for those who may be unfamiliar. To help protect against xmlrpc.php attacks, you can add a simple rule to BBQ Pro’s custom firewall patterns. This tutorial […]

As of version 2.5, BBQ Pro features Email Alerts. So you can get a notification every time there is something blocked by your BBQ firewall. This quick tutorial shows how to enable and configure. Read more »

BBQ Pro enables you to create custom patterns that will be blocked when they are included in the URI request. Custom patterns are a powerful feature that give you full control over your site’s traffic, but you have to be careful not to inadvertently block any important URLs. This tutorial provides a quick way to […]

BBQ Pro is built with technology derived from my 5G/6G Firewall. So I get a lot of questions from users who want to know more about the differences between 5G/6G and BBQ Pro. This post rounds up all those FAQs to help make everyone’s lives a little bit easier. Read more »

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through some examples showing how to block spam and other bad requests by adding custom patterns. These examples are taken from real life questions sent in by BBQ Pro users. So grab your favorite beverage and follow along! Read more »

BBQ Pro makes it easy to block any IP address, or even a range of IP addresses. This tutorial shows you how to do it. Read more »

This tutorial explains how to block user-ID phishing (aka, user enumeration), which is what happens when bad actors scan your WordPress-powered site for user IDs. Any discovered user ID information can be used to facilitate a brute-force login attack. Fortunately user-ID scans are trivial to block, either with .htaccess or with a few clicks with […]

This Plugin Planet tutorial explains how to go about identifying and resolving any false positives that may happen when using BBQ Pro. Read more »

BBQ Pro provides strong firewall security out of the box, and also makes it easy to enable advanced and custom protection. This quick tutorial explains how to use BBQ’s Custom Patterns to block any sort of nuisance request from accessing your site. Read more »

As of BBQ Pro version 1.3, it is possible to log the details of blocked requests by hooking into the scan() function. This tutorial explains how to get started and provides a free logging plugin to help you go further with logging requests and sending email alerts. Read more »